Live Coverage: Debate on Budget 2009

UPDATE: The Politics Blog has bite-size updates of what is happening in Parliament, updated almost every minute. To watch live, click HERE.


So far, what I’ve heard is a lot of arguing and shouting. One or two valid points that I’ve heard from Pakatan Rakyat’s side is that with the price of oil coming down like as if being pulled by gravity, the original budget proposal which was already a deficit budget would go even deeper into deficit.

Which is true. Malaysia is making money from selling crude oil. If crude oil prices goes down, Malaysia makes less money. So then what’s to happen to the budget? Surely in desperate times like this, the budget needs to be debated, and possibly changed?

Well, I’m less than a greenhorn when it comes to economics, so I won’t dwell too long on it. But I find it absolutely ridiculous that even as this debate is going on, the Finance Minister and 2nd Finance Minister are not in the Dewan.

How can they not be there?

It’s the budget, for crying out loud! Who else but the heads of the Finance Ministry is supposed to answer to the questions being brought forward?


3 Comments on “Live Coverage: Debate on Budget 2009”

  1. Drachen says:

    As you can see the country is totally unprepared for the global recession that is going to hit us anytime. We rely on the US for between 30% – 50% of our exports. We won’t be affected? That’s what the dreamers in gomen want to believe.

  2. Ling says:

    What on earth is going on? Why wasn’t Najib in Parliament today? I remember him saying the rakyat should show more respect for politicians (or words to that effect). How can you respect a politician who has no respect for Parliament? The budget and the Malaysian economy should be at the top of Najib’s agenda now. Will he turn up tomorrow?
    I agree with all your points. I hope the reporters track him down to get an answer and explanation from him about his absence from Parliament today. This is not what we expect from the Finance Minister, much less the PM-in-waiting.

    As for if he will turn up tomorrow, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. EL says:

    I was in Parliment too, for some strange reason… Anyway, I couldn’t believe it too… The Minister not there! The YDP should do something, as he was the Chairperson. Can’t wait till they table the Agriculture Bill [or something like that]… would they table something creative, since they went to Taiwan recently

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