What Rainforest?

I came across this 30-minute short documentary, “What Rainforest?” from Antares quite some time ago. I’ve only just got the chance to really watch it. And I’m shocked to the core, sad and angry all at once.

This is no more the subtle ‘trampling’. This is blatant outright disregard for the rights of the native people of Sarawak, and absolute disrespect for their culture and livelihood.

I mean, ponder these:

** The authorities say that Sarawak is still covered by 60% forest land. But what they don’t mention is that oil palm plantations and secondary forests (hutan belukar) are also included in this 60% statistic. Only 5% of the virgin forests that once existed in Sarawak still exist today. 5%!

** Imagine having built your house, and having cultivated 700 pepper plants (pokok lada) to make a living. Then one fine day, you leave your house for a day or two, and return home only to find that all your plants are gone and bulldozed over, and your house in shambles, the planks and wood taken out of the very structure your house. You are left with not even a decent house to stay in anymore!

** Imagine what it’s like when it comes to needing to give up your way of life and to plant your own oil palm, just so the companies do not take over your land and home.

The most ridiculous statement that I heard was from some state government official. In trying to justify what the state and companies are doing, taking away land rightfully owned by the natives, he says:

Forest reserves, protected forests, were terms coined back in 1933..

“The forests were protected from devastation by the natives because of the destructive way in which they carry out shifting cultivation. So they were protected from that so that they can be available for commercial exploitation.”

I’ve never heard any other statement more irresponsible and illogical than that.

Please give the documentary some time of your day. Just allocate 30 minutes of your time to watch and learn of what has been happening, and is continuing to happen in Sarawak today.

I also ask of you to give a minute more of your time to sign this online petition to restore the rights of the indigenous people of Sarawak.

Thank you.

4 Comments on “What Rainforest?”

  1. Richard Loh says:

    I have to do something, to inform. Its getting more scarier by the day when people begin to support freedom of the press that includes false reporting, slander or incite racial sentiments.

    Freedom Of The Press, the way rockybru sees it.

  2. Antares says:

    The real people I’ve met in Sarawak have mostly been gentle, friendly and lovable – but the bureaucrats, taking a cue from the Big Boss, have puffed themselves up into arrogant, pompous, self-serving twits. Indeed, a former environment minister in Sarawak named James Wong (I think) was a director in one of the largest logging companies in Borneo. He was the toadish turd who obstinately maintained that logging actually helped conserve the rainforest – and he blamed those who clung on to a traditional way of life for destroying the forest with their shifting cultivation! Can you beat that? “The banality of evil” for sure.

  3. shadowmode says:

    who voted them (BN) in your area at the first place? i wish i can help but seriously the damage is done.

    i as a sarawakian bear witness to all these allegations and this is true. i alone can easily come up with a few friends which family land was robbed off by such authorities.

  4. shadowmode says:


    dear sirs,

    kindly go to this site. it will provide u a step by step instruction to install a platform where u can be updated with all the most up to date news from all prominent opposition political bloggers.

    thank u for your kind attention

    mode de la shadow
    Thanks for the link.

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