If we have human rights, we don’t need laws?

I had the live coverage of today’s Parliament session tuned in on my computer as I was rushing through my assignments, so I didn’t really catch much of what was going on.

But the ISA did get a little bit of time, with MP Batu Pahat answering to questions being posed by both opposition, and also the independent MP, Ibrahim Ali.

Pakatan Rakyat MPs brought the issue of human rights to centerstage when they debated on the use of the ISA, and its relevance in today’s Malaysia.

I stopped what I was doing to listen in, because Ibrahim Ali made a statement so ridiculous that I just went *gawk*.

He said something along the lines of:

“Kalau kita nak cakap pasal konsep human right, kalau betul kita nak ikutkan konsep itu, maka tak payahlah kita adakan undang-undang. Biarlah yang bawak kereta tu, bawak ikut suka mereka, sebab itu ikutkan kebebasan mereka. Itu kan right mereka.”

(“If we want to talk about the concept of human rights, if we really want to follow that concept, then there is no need to have laws. Let those who drive cars drive in any way they like, because it is their freedom. It is their right”)

You would have had to listen to him speak to really get that he was being overly sarcastic, and trying his hardest to be silly. (Now come to think of it, I think he was actually serious. I think he actually believes that human rights is some weird concept where drivers are allowed to drive in any maniac way they like!)

I’ve never heard anyone equate Human Rights to Anarchy.

What I’ve quoted is most definitely not his exact words. But the essence of it is there. And judging from what I heard, that was the worst analogy I could ever imagine coming from someone arguing for the ISA.


6 Comments on “If we have human rights, we don’t need laws?”

  1. mark says:

    The sad truth is that not many Malaysians know what happens in Parliament, and even less care.

    So they get away with anything and everything.

  2. bangmalaysia says:

    Ibrahim Katak speaks through his ass. Its shocking that MPs like him knows next to nothing about Human Rights. Again I think SUHAKAM must draw up a special Human Rights Awareness Course and educate people like Ibrahim Ali so that he won’t make a fool of himself in Parliament.

  3. bangmalaysia says:

    Our constitution itself like the constitution of most countries are based on the basic precepts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). So his utterances in Parliament today is a direct contempt and disrespect for our Constitution, the father of all laws in this country.

  4. MalaysianCat says:

    This MP is looking from his own narrow perspective — if you are not in his gang, then you do not deserve to have basic human rights.

    Most of the MPs that were elected need to be re-educated = they need to know that they should attend all Parliament meetings and report what is going on (updates) to those living in the areas that he or she covers as an MP.

    Leaflets, SMS or via email will do. Mainstream media will not update the rakyat (therefore many Malaysians that depends on this type of media will never get the real picture and it is not that they do not care).

    To get the people to care what is going on, the people need information. As accurate the information can be. You will be surprise that the ordinary people do care what is going on, it is just that they worry about the more important things in their lives at the moment — getting food on the table and make sure they still have money to pay bills and get their children educated.

  5. Paul Warren says:

    You have to understand that there are two kinds of politicians. Some who jump in because they can. Others who get dragged in. More often than not those who jump in are no more than gangsters and warlords…or at the very least they will have those properties and attributes. So its all about brawn and bravado….no need for brains.

    For those who get dragged in, you can expect them to have some amount of gentlemanly streaks and for a while at least some brain. More often they tend to be reluctant politicians at, least for a while, and somehow they don’t fit the general Malaysian definition of a politician.

    Ibrahim Ali is one who jumped in. So don’t expect much from him.

  6. bow says:

    Unfortunately, many of the MP in bolehland are at the “intellectual advance stage” like this Ali fellow, can not differentiate between human right and anarchy! The result of decades long of “non meritocracy” education system .

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