SUARAM activist taken under ISA

This is NOT a good way to wake up.

From Malaysiakini (BM version):

Seorang aktivis hak asasi bersama Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) ditahan bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) malam ini.

(A human rights activist from SUARAM was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) tonight [17 Oct 2008].)

Cheng Lee Whee, seorang sukarelawan wanita di sekretariat Suaram Johor Bahru ditahan menurut Seksyen 28 pada 10.45 malam tadi di balai polis Seri Alam.

(Cheng Lee Whee, a female volunteer in the secretariat of SUARAM Johor Bahru was arrested under Section 28 at 10.45 pm at Seri Alam Polics Station.)

Menurut penyelaras Suaram Johor, Nyam Kee Han, aktivis badan hak asasi itu kemudian dibawa ke balai polis Pasir Gudang tidak lama selepas itu.

(According to SUARAM Johor’s coordinator, Nyam Kee Han, the activist was later taken to Pasir Gudang Police Station not too long after.)

Cheng dipercayai disiasat berhubung aduannya berkaitan perobohan rumah di Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah, Johor Bahru semalam.

(Cheng is believed to be arrested regarding her report on the demolition of houses in Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah, Johor Bahru, yesterday.)

I’m still waiting for SUARAM Johor to send out their information on what had happened.

If I’m not mistaken, the report that got her arrested should be the one that SUARAM Johor sent out, which I posted HERE.

Section 28 of the ISA states:

28. Dissemination of false reports:
Any person who, by word of mouth or in writing or in any newspaper, periodical, book, circular
or other printed publication or by any other means spreads false reports or makes false
statements likely to cause public alarm, shall be guilty of an offence.

“Likely to cause public alarm”.

I think what’s causing ME alarm (don’t know about the general public), is the blatant abuse of powers by the authorities and powers-that-be by invoking the ISA on civilians and activists on the slightest bit of dissent.

I said this before, and I’ll say it again. Activism is NOT terrorism. Pat says activism IS terrorism in Malaysia. If it is so, it’s about time we change it. I think she is right. But it’s NOT right, if you get my drift. It’s time we change this.


2 Comments on “SUARAM activist taken under ISA”

  1. bow says:

    Every print, article , statement , society or organization which does not toe the line of BN is considered as a threat to national security, didn’t she understand that? Malaysia is not a free country and true democracy.

  2. elvieho says:

    This is the return of mahathir’s reign.Good bye badawi’s
    deform…sorry reform.

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