Parliament: Of constructive criticism and ‘kamu’

During the morning session of Parliament, MP Kalabakan (Datuk Seri Abdul Ghapur) brought up some very good points. First of all, he said that government TV stations like TV1 should start airing videos of Parliament debate sessions of BN Backbenchers criticising the BN government. That way, at least the people will know that not all BN MPs are follow-men. True.

Other points include:

Datukship for Shah Rukh Khan should be ‘taken back’. Not sure if that can be done, but he did say that it was a ridiculous thing to do, datukships should be given to local artists, and this ridiculous action could very well jeopardise the chances of ‘someone’ in the race for deputy presidency.

Is the ACA really independent? His point was that when SAPP left Barisan Nasional, Raymond Tan has been reported as saying that SAPP is being ungrateful because he had met with the PM to make sure that Yong Teck Lee is not investigated and prosecuted. He asked, is this independence?

The rising price of construction material. He said that developers are now in a pinch because they cannot afford to build with the original prices as the current prices have gone off the roof. Which I can understand. Hike in construction prices can halt development altogether.

Furniture sent to schools by the Education Ministry are not up to standard. Tables and chairs meant for students to study and work on start to crack and break within 3 months. There are schools where students are studying on the floor.

THIS, is the kind of debate and criticism that I expect from our representatives. Bring up the problems to the attention of other MPs, and make sure that things get done. If they don’t do anything this time around, make sure you bring it up again and again.


But it’s funny. One good thing happens, then something its direct opposite happens.

MP Pasir Salak (Tajuddin Abdul Rahman) kicked up a fuss over the word ‘kamu’. Apparently during an earlier debate, someone used the word ‘kamu’ when referring to Tajuddin.

I don’t know about you, but I see nothing wrong with the word ‘kamu’. And because of this word, Tajuddin spent 10 minutes saying that the word ‘kamu’ was used ‘dengan niat jahat’. And because of that, Tajuddin called the opposition MP (I can’t seem to recall who it was..) ‘kurang ajar’.

The Speaker had such a hard time trying to calm these people down, and kept on asking Tajuddin to take back the use of ‘kurang ajar’. And Tajuddin actually said that if the other MP would ‘tarik balik’ the use of ‘kamu’, then he would also ‘tarik balik’ the use of ‘kurang ajar’.

Apparently, ‘kamu’ is not right, and you have to refer to him as Yang Berhormat.

Fine, whatever. A big fuss over something like this. Total waste of time. Even the Speaker is of the opinion that there’s nothing wrong with ‘kamu’, and that ‘kurang ajar’ is more unacceptable.

Then he goes on to use the word ‘stupid’ on MP Gopeng (Dr Lee Boon Chye). Again he got reprimanded by the Speaker and asked to ‘tarik balik’.


I guess it’s fair to say that the quality of debates we get from our parliamentarians fulfill the entire scale, from constructive, to utterly rubbish.


2 Comments on “Parliament: Of constructive criticism and ‘kamu’”

  1. Patricia says:

    Hi dear,

    I hear why you’re called ‘Su’, in Oldstock, and I think that’s cute!

    Back to business: For as long as I can remember, the MPs in parliament have embarrassed me. I don’t know why that is. Believe me, I’ve thought about it.

    And when it was televised – like during the budget-reading, I’d cringe. Some are nodding off, or talking… if they’d been in my class, they’d have kena-ed a balled up sheet of paper – right between the eyes!

    And the ‘quality’ of the debate? Did I say quality? Sigh. Maybe, they’ve never had to really debate anything all these many years, is why. With the 2/3 majority, things were ‘mentioned’ and disappeared for signing without a whimper.

    And now, they are televised and I can see that nothing’s changed. I wonder, do they even realise why they’re there?

    Pat, you said: I wonder, do they even realise why they’re there?

    Sometimes I wonder the same. And I think both you and I have our answer to that.

  2. MalaysianCat says:

    There are less of intelligent questions and answers being given in the Parliamentary session than funny and utterly disgrace ones. Our MPs make the ones in Taiwan look more professional.

    I have raised an issue in regards to the construction of a 3rd bridge via my MP but until today, there are no answer given by him or the Federal government. Guess we will need to wait until the next GE to get some answers.

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