Parliament: “Maaf tuan, tapi tuan dah mati.”

MP Tuaran (Mojilip bin Bumburing @ Wilfred) related two incidents, among others, about what is happening to the natives of Sabah concerning citizenship and the MyKad.

One: A native in Sabah lost his MyKad, and when he went to apply to get a new one, the person sitting behind the counter told him: “Maaf tuan, tapi tuan dah mati.” (I’m sorry sir, but you are already dead sir.”)

Two: A native with an English-sounding name went to KL to work, and when he went to apply for Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), he was told that he doesn’t qualify because he is “bukan first-class bumiputera”.

MP Tuaran said that he stands by what he has claimed, because he had just called the father to this ‘non-first class bumi’ prior to coming to Parliament to get confirmation if indeed that was what was said to him.

Other than feeling sick in the stomach, I simply have nothing more to say.


4 Comments on “Parliament: “Maaf tuan, tapi tuan dah mati.””

  1. Paul Warren says:

    And I think these bumiputras deserve that treatment to begin with.

    These natives are in fact the real “bumiputras”.

    The fellas who define and dictate who a bumiputra is or can be and what he can benefit as a result of being classified as one certainly is not one of these natives. In that context they are new arrivals. Like for instance Khir Toyo or Syed Hamid Albar, both of whose fathers came to Malaya from Indonesia in 1946 and before the war respectively.

    Now, think of it, if the natives do not acquiesce to that definition because it lumps them together with new arrivals, then it would be rather embarrassing for the Malays to continue claiming themselves bumiputra.

    Its like this la, my community is rather complex. Unless you are in it you’ll not understand how it works and who it is who are considered relatives. And then just because there are some others who are acquainted with all of us, without realising it or without understanding it, they claim to be relatives. And whenever that happens I get this twitchy uncomfortable feeling.

    So just imagine, if all the natives decided to look at the Malays in the eye and tell them, “hey piss off, the word bumiputra does not apply to you.”

    Ah but then, that will be the day isn’t it!!

  2. Crankshaft says:

    Oh no, that NOT discrimination! It’s just ….. discrimination.

  3. elvieho says:

    In 1980 my passport was torn so i surrender my passport
    for them to issue me a new one.after so many enquires
    the same answer.. sedang dalam siasatan ( under investigations )years pass.The immigration move from
    Jln Tugu to damansara…still same up hope.Finally immigration move to putrajaya…enguire again..officer told me I should have reported lost
    sebab hilang lebih senang (report lost is easier)so I reported lost (false report)I got my passport in
    2007 after making false report…

  4. asiseesit says:

    do you know what’s the difference between a foreigner marrying bumi and a foreigner marrying a non-bumi?

    permanent residence status between 2 years and 10 years or never

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