Selamat Deepavali

Deepavali is coming just around the corner.

This year, the meaning behind the Festival of Lights, which signifies the triumph of good over evil, is stronger than ever before, as we continue to fight for those still under ISA detention.

To those who celebrate Deepavali, Michelle wishes all Selamat Deepavali.


4 Comments on “Selamat Deepavali”

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    And a Happy Deepavali to you too, Michelle.

    May the spirit of Makkal Sakti reign in Auckland, NZ too.

  2. justmy2SEN says:

    Anybody watched the latest petronas ad on deepavali?

    I must say it’s one of the best ever produced..very touching

    Anyway Michelle, just want to recommend a very good/rational/neutral blog for you (maybe you already knew about it but just sharing anyway, i hope the blog owner doesn’t mind ;-))
    Thanks for the link. Will check it out.

    And yup, the ad is very well-done.

  3. sin hui says:

    hey mich, i nvr knew u got a blog!!
    in fact u have two..
    i will keep an eye on it!

  4. Samyaavee says:

    “Storm in a teacup. I think what a man and a woman do with each other in the private is his own business. Why should double standards be applied to anybody – even a politician? If the majority of Malaysian men are having a good time with their women partner, then it’s really not for us to care. Even politicians are human beings”. The MIC had better come up with a good explaination instead, regarding the nude photo fiasco surrounding its Youth Member Dr. Punithan Shan. For more details go to

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