6-year-old arrested

From Malaysiakini:

The six-year-old niece of detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar was with 11 people arrested when they attempted to submit a letter at Prime Minister Department’s office in Putrajaya today.

“We were trying to obtain permission from the security guards for Vwaishhnnavi to submit her letter. They said that we were from Hindraf, but we insisted that we were ‘concerned Indians’ who were accompanying Vwaishnnavi,” Jayathas when contacted.

“The appeal letter (in Vwaishhnnavi’s handwriting) asked the prime minister to release her uncle, (and other Hindraf leaders as well as) RPK (blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin), among other ISA detainees,” said Shanti.

“She said that Deepavali would not mean anything to her and all Malaysians, if they are not released.”

Shanti said the letter also included an invitation for Abdullah to attend the family’s ‘open house’ in conjunction with Deepavali.

“(Vwaishhnnavi) wrote that she would be waiting with flowers and cakes,” she added.

 What are they doing, arresting a 6-year-old?

Under what claims? For what reasons? A 6-year-old!

The 11 who were arrested insisted that they were merely ‘concerned Indians’, but the police insisted that they were Hindraf members.

If that is the case, would any group of people more than 3 who just so happen to be Indian, now be classified as Hindraf?

But seriously, why arrest a 6-year-old child? What did she do? Write the letter? Invite the PM to an open house?

Where’s the compassion?

**Note: Read Susan and Nat Tan for more insight.


11 Comments on “6-year-old arrested”

  1. Patricia says:

    If you look at this from the other side of the coin: what was a six-year-old doing there in the first place? I asked this question on Crankster’s, and Knights replied that she was there because her mother couldn’t find her a baby-sitter. Ok….

    But in the news reports, I read that the letter is in her writing, that she wished to be there, and that is why she was.

    I know that if it were my child, she wouldn’t be. It would not have been safe, and so there would’ve been no question about whether she would be there or not.

    But if you recall the walk to Parliament a while back? Weren’t children involved in that one, too?

    Hindraf’s is a worthy cause. Whether these people are part of Hindraf or not, is not the issue here. For me, that a child was involved is. They seem to be blatantly using this little girl to pull at one’s heartstrings. And it has worked. I read of how one commenter was moved to tears in Susan’s blog.

    But this is not right. To use a child to fight our battles for us. It is we who should be fighting our battles for them!

    So many people are thumping their chests at this little girl being detained! How can ah?! But seriously folks, this is not right.

    And what about the police, you ask. That is a whole other can of worms, isn’t it? I don’t know what they could have been thinking!
    I think it’s not wrong to say that we shouldn’t be involving young children in things like this, especially someone as young as 6.

    But perhaps the question to ask NOW, as we go deeper and deeper into this issue, is this: Why should it be unsafe for a child to be there?

    If it is generally accepted that it is ‘not safe’ for a child to go to the PM’s office in Putrajaya, in the company of adults, to pass a letter to the PM, don’t you think we are in very deep trouble?

  2. dd says:

    I think if i went thru the situation of the lil gal who has been waiting for her father and uncle for so long, i wud have been there. Age is not the matter. Its the love and passion they have. Sometimes we have to start putting our self in others shoe.

  3. bangmalaysia says:

    Yes. Is sending a letter and invitation to a Deepavali Open House a threat to public order or national security?

    Why must a mother and a child be subjected to such a terrifying and mental trauma of spending a night in jail, for this?


  4. LightsInTheDistance says:

    What is the justification of our damn polis arresting a child? She’s a terrorist it seemed? Some people said they, these so-called Hindraf supporters, should not have used a child as a ‘shield’ when submitting a memorandum to the PM.
    I feel that having a child handling over a letter is a peaceful and accepted norm in many civil societies; only in ‘uncivilised’ country do we read of these kind of news. Sad…

  5. bisu says:

    The parent/guardian of the child should be investigated and perhaps charged under section 31 of the Child Act for “exposing the child in a manner likely to cause him physical or emotional injury”..!!!

    Whatever their reason… it is still irresponsible!!

  6. Patricia says:

    Hey again, Su!

    While I must agree that there should be nothing unsafe about it, what happened during other occasions in the past would have been enough to help me decide. And yes, it is true that something is very wrong here, if it is not safe for all – let alone a small child.

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one, Michelle. I would never, under any circumstances, allow any child under my care be placed in an unsafe situation. And while this should have been safe, it wasn’t. And it won’t be, and not for a long, long time to come. Wishing just won’t make it so.

    This however, does not mean that I agree with their being arrested. That was wrong, no matter how you look at it.

    She just shouldn’t have been there, seeing that there might have been a chance that she could have been tear-gassed, sprayed with tainted water, or just trampled if there was a scuffle. So many things could’ve gone wrong.

    But, that is me lah. I don’t expect too many to agree, though. But that’s all right. I just felt the need to qualify my stand. I of course, respect the stand of the other views expressed here and elsewhere.


  7. frustrated indian says:

    HIndraf is irrelevant to indians… its looks like they are causing so much hate and malice… if our present leaders have been accused of lies and oppressing its citizens, what abt Hindraf leader’s claim on genocide and ethnic cleansing?? why did he go all the way to india to bring bad name to our country.. why did he have to lie abt the way things are in malaysia.. and now why is the so-called waythamoorthy enjoying his bloody life in london while putting his wife and children through trauma??? why is this waythamoorty so silent on india’s oppression of christians?? after all he went all the way there to complain of oppression of indians in malaysia?? double standards ????

    so much money have spent on their lousy campaign when all the fund could be used to help an indian family out of poverty.. but like always people will not listen to sound reasoning… they will follow their emotions…

    try to think… US & the world intervened in Bosnia, rwanda, south africa, kosovo… but why do none of the world leaders give any attention on Hindraf’s “call for help”.. simple… because they know its not true…

    The fact is… our govt is not perfect… but so is Hindraf… Therefore please please dont turn this morons into heroes… it only happens in tamil movies…
    If you learn the facts, u will know that this hindraf bunch are just using people and the people’s emotions for their own purpose…

    imagine what would happen if one this so-called morons become the leaders of our nations…. oh boy.. God help us…

  8. cendana287 says:

    Michelle, I feel the newspapers should not have reported it as “arrested” – she was just “taken along” since she was with those who were detained. The other alternative was to leave her there, which is unthinkable.
    Having had the time to think about it, I’m tempted to agree with you. And with Pat as well. And another thing is the latest report saying that the girl and her mother were actually released the night before, but chose to stay there ‘in protest’. I shook my head in disbelief when I read about this. The mother should have brought her little girl home.

  9. bisu says:

    I say charge the mother!!!! Take the child away and put her somewhere safe!!
    The mother made a very bad judgement. But that, in my opinion, doesn’t mean that we should be too quick in wanting to separate the child from her mother.

  10. Gadfly says:

    The title reads “6 year-old arrested”. However, she is not actually arrested. It is the mother who wants to stay at the police station. So , the little girl stays as well. While fighting for justice, truth should not be the victim as well.

    The child should only be involved as a last resort and the adults including those from the authorities should act in the best interests of the child. The police should disallow the mother to stay even if she wants to. A child that witnesses verbal or physical violence, if any, would have possible long term harmful effects on her psychological and developmental well-being.
    Yes, this is my bad. Didn’t wait till things were futher verified before I wrote this piece.

  11. Devan29 says:

    Hi there Michelle… hope u r doin all good 
    Oh well… I would normally just read tru and restrain myself form commenting unless the issue discussed effects me directly. So the above comment by “am frustrated Indian” triggers me to voice up.

    1st and foremost. My question to this commentator is, What have you done in order for u to say HINDRAF is irrelevant?

    Do you know what the actual cause of their fight is?

    What is happening now is the consequences form the struggle. It’s not preplanned… But force into
    “Why did he have to lie abt the way things are in Malaysia”
    Hello …!!!!!!
    Are you really an Indian? I mean r u really an Indian from Malaysia?
    There is so much more happening to this minority ethnic group then what’s been voiced up. Face the fact … the lower income group feels the heat. Maybe, you don’t.
    Compare Bosnia, Rwanda, south Africa, Kosovo…HINDRAF is not asking for war..
    It’s a peaceful org where the voice of regular Indians brought to light.
    Every action there is a reaction. Only when a hose is being squeezed, then the pressure will burst out from the tip of the hose… so as the condition now. Hindraf is being squeezed and pressed….
    Oh pls… my cry to u “am frustrated Indian” If u can’t help… just not trouble.

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