What do politicians REALLY do?

Found these videos of a TV programme recently aired on American national TV. Although it’s on the American political scene, there are various issues that, I think, are relevant to all of us.

Take some time to watch them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


3 Comments on “What do politicians REALLY do?”

  1. cendana287 says:

    Alamak, VIDEOS!
    Have to give this a miss – not “GPRS 53Kbps-friendly”. Darn, I wish Celcom would do something about that 3G transmitter near my area!
    Ah, that’s just too bad. I found the videos quite interesting!

    For you, these are some of the more memorable quotes:

    “The politicians are the ones who got us into this mess, and now we are relying on them to make it better. It’s the same like asking the arsonist to help put the fire out. You just don’t do that.”

    “The government doesn’t make America beautiful. American PEOPLE make America beautiful.” – This was in regards to the rehousing after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Apparently the government has yet to rebuild the houses that they promised, but instead the houses that are there now were built by volunteers and NGOs. Something worth thinking about.

    Can’t remember all of them. But it’s really a good watch.

  2. meow says:

    Maybe you should add this as well;

    reminds you how ‘politicians’ split their spoils! 🙂
    Thanks for the link. I had a good laugh! Just classic. They should make stuff like that now.

  3. Paul Warren says:

    The very first part alone contains enough to give our bozos the lesson they need about governance..or rather ..how little we really need.

    I like especially the part about the skating ring. I have used a similar example, a very long time ago, before the advent of blogs even, how we all as kids used to enjoy the playground that was open to all with no rules and how we avoided the playgrounds with some angry idiot staying nearby hollering at us when we made noise or something.

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