Altantuya murder: What’s the motive?

Yesterday, Abdul Razak Baginda was acquitted. The court ruled that the prosecution did not have a prima facie case against Razak Baginda. No case. He was originally accused of abetting the murder of Altantuya.

How long has it been since this case first appeared in court? And after such a long time, the prosecution failed to prove even a prima facie?

The other two, however, have to call defence. The other two are the ones who are accused of actually murdering Altantuya.

I have a few questions though. With Razak Baginda relieved of his charge, but the other two still needing to call defence, we lost a primary factor in the entire case – a motive.

What motive would these policemen have in wanting to murder Altantuya? What spurred them to do so?

At first, it was charged that Razak Baginda gave the orders for the murder, since it was Razak Baginda who had the motive, and the two policemen didn’t know Altantuya.

But now, with Razak Baginda no longer involved in the case, as decided by court yesterday, why did the policemen kill Altantuya?

If we are to go along with the initial story that the policemen killed Altantuya because they were ordered to do so, we have a hole to fill up now. With Razak Baginda out free, who, then, ordered the killing?


10 Comments on “Altantuya murder: What’s the motive?”

  1. Patricia says:

    It is entirely unlikely that these two guys acted on their own. And of course you’re right: what would’ve been their motive? I’m seeing this as the crux on which their defence will be built, and a basis on which to create reasonable doubt. For to prove their part, the one who gave the so-important orders – as these are only rank-and-file blokes, after all – would be imperative.

    I can understand the need for the defence to call the PI, Bala. But RPK? Surely all that he can afford the court would be deemed hearsay? Unless he, too, was there??!

    This is a circus and I am ashamed it is happening in my country for all the world to see. If we’re going to do something like this, at least do it with some finesse and clear thinking.. As with Baginda’s acquittal, this is so going to drop my water-face!

    I really doubt if they will be able to call RPK to court, since he’s under the ISA. But in the case that he DOES appear in court, maybe that’s the time that he reveals his sources. I think that the reason why they want RPK to appear in court is because his SD is one that implicates names into the crime scene, in no unclear manner. They can’t really call Rosmah and the other people named in the SD, simply based on RPK’s hearsay. So maybe they need RPK to clarify who exactly his sources are?

    Purely my guess on this one. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. anakpakross says:

    It is always to be mindful of all possibilities hence we need real motives for killing etc. But as far as logic goes, ther are also possibilities of things happening just for obvious reason. If man can indeed be an irrational animal in the economic sense, then man too are irrational in many other ways.

    How else would you explain the many murders that is happening lately in Malaysia. Some of them are just beyond comprehension.

    Let me offer an example. The accused admited on the affair. It was a secret affair of a married man and a sigle person who need support. The lady refused to leave but the guys say enuf is enuf. The lady persist and the guy report to the police to take action. From then on, whatever happens is beyond his control. Knowing or unknowingly, the individual within the police are happy trigger person. He takes his own action as he sees fit.

    So now the accused has not intention of ‘killing’. Why is a motive necessary at all? Is there logic at all when you start dealing with irrational person?
    Yours is an interesting take, and I must say that the thought did come to my mind at one point. So I guess what we can do is keep our minds open and wait to see what happens next.

  3. bangmalaysia says:

    Azilah and Sirul absolutely do not know Altantuya at all and had no motive to kill her. Its someone well connected who wanted her dead. Someone who had the connections with PDRM’s top people to order the killing. Thats the lead that the authorities should follow.

    Now it seems that they are sacrificing 2 black sheeps as some sort of token or an offering to appease the girl’s father and the people’s demand for justice. Even that I believe the two will get some pardon ultimately and let off.


  4. Antares says:

    Michelle, you ought to know by now that EVIL is actually a very BODOH quality. That’s why truly intelligent folk are repulsed by Gani Patail & Gang. Bet they just went, “Oh-oh” reading your blogpost – it simply hadn’t occurred to them, that’s all. Just like when a stained mattress was presented by Musa Hassan as an exhibit in 1999 to incriminate Anwar… hahahahahaha!… and the buggers got the dates all mixed up! 🙂 They ought to be
    exiled to Bunglerdesh, the whole lot of Umno conspirators!

  5. Paul Warren says:


    You got to understand one thing. In Malaysia the powers that be have long established that when confronted by a real situation such as this where logic, common sense as well as facts prevail over you, you just focus on the desired outcome. Everything else is nothing but just noise that needs to be shut out.

    Can this be done? Yes of course!

    And will the people buy it. Yes of course!

    Shocking? What so shocking about this? Its ben happening all along anyway.

    Just look at the Anwar trial and how he was charged, firstly for corruptly inducing the police on some investigation or other. And secondly, for sodomy.

    Sure there was a trial. A lot was said. A lot of contradictions were made. Nothing was really established. When evidence or testimony was attempted to be presented, or a question raised on a prosecution witness that could have drawn an answer that might have helped the defense case, the judge just said, “irrelevant”! Mind you,if you were to read cases, I cannot imagine any case anywhere at all where there would have been as many dismissals of the defense attorney’s attempts at questioning or introducing of testimonies or evidence where these are dismissed outright by the judge taking the position that it is “irrelevant”! And the best part, he does not even have to give a reason why it is irrelevant. Funnily, I cannot remember the defense attorneys challenging that call even.

    But the point I am trying to make here, what is most important is “the desired outcome”!. That was achieved.

    I will tell you what the desired outcome would be for the Altantuya trial is. They have already achieved the fist outcome. Razak Baginda is freed. The next desired outcome would be to have the remaining two released as well. Or at worst found guilty on a lesser charge.

    Now, does it matter what comes in between so long as the desired outcome is achieved?

    Experience shows that we forget. And we even forgive.

    That being the case, who ever it is in power who has already decided on the “desired outcome” will achieve it. For the satisfaction of the masses there will be a charade of a show trial.

    I cannot understand why, but no one has done an academic breakdown and analysis of the Anwar trials which I am confident will easily establish the sham that it was.

    And as for the Altantuya murder trial, there is really no difference as well. Only saving grace is “irrelevant” was not used to stop questions being raised. But certainly the Prosecution failed to ask a lot of very necessary questions. And since the Bala as well as RPK’s SD’s when these trials should have been suspended, they even proceeded with it like as if nothing happened. That is crazy.

    That is why, achieving desired outcome is far more important. and it will be achieved come what may.

  6. anakpakross says:

    “keep our minds open and wait to see what happens next” that is all we can hope for but one thing is for certain, those who have made up their mind have already pronounced conspiracy and looking for blood. You wonder if all these are self fulfilled prophecy of some sort. Someone says that our judiciary in troubled, and all you have is anything you disagree means trouble. It takes just one person to preach doomsday and you find many willing minnions to join the chorus and spread the ‘good’ news. I was at MPH the other day and I noticed that there are hundreds of fiction story books compared to factual ones. Furthermore, many of the fictions are murder or horror story. I just wonder why!

  7. bisu says:

    [I have a few questions though. With Razak Baginda relieved of his charge, but the other two still needing to call defence, we lost a primary factor in the entire case – a motive.]

    For your information, the elements to be proven in a charge of murder under the Penal Code, does not include ‘motive’. Don’t be confused with the American system. Motive is relevant and is considered a circumstantial evidence that can be used to support the element of ‘intention to commit murder’.

    Therefore, the prosecution need not prove the 2 blokes have any motive for killing Altantuya. But if they can raise a doubt on that aspect (i.e. they have no motive, but someone else does.. and they’re only following orders), it could help their defence but maybe not enough to get them off the hook coz the deed is done.

    For Razak baginda, the charge was for abetment. In the absence of anything concrete or direct evidence of him giving them the instruction to kill her, it would be difficult to pin the charge on him (especially when the court ruled against the prosecution’s attempt to discredit some important witnesses). Although i believe the prosecution should appeal against his acquittal and argue the issue in the Court of Appeal.

    The problem is, the general public have tried Razak and found him guilty based on assumptions, hearsay and innuendos as well as evidence, something which the court does not have the luxury of doing.

  8. jeff says:

    With such a third world investigative technique employed by police, new lead and trail are not follow through,statements of witness are intentionally omitted from report,key figure is not allowed to call to the stand by AG, no thorough collaboration of witness testimonial by investigative officer, vital evidences are prevented from appearing in court, it is no wonder the judge found that prosecutor has failed to establish “prima facie” in one the defendant. Obviously the SMS exchange between defendant original councilor and DPM make a lot of senses to me,just part of the “show” trial in bolehland.

  9. dinobeano says:


    Who actually killed Altantuya? Could it be a crime of passion? If this is so, whose passion was it? I think the noose is getting closer to some people in the leadership of our government. Maybe the two policemen were ordered to apply C4 on the victim’s dead body. Then who gave the order? For one thing we can be sure of: it never came from the heavens.

    There are lots of questions at this stage but no answers. Given the track record of the judiciary in recent years, we may never know the truth. Even the Prime Minister who is in the best position to get at the truth is not making any comments on the acquittal of Razak Baginda. Sub judice!!

    Welcome to BolehLand.–Din Merican
    There are definitely a lot of questions surrounding this case. Questions that, I reckon, cannot be willed away by a simple flick of a hand. No stone should be left unturned.

  10. anakpakross says:

    “There are definitely a lot of questions surrounding this case.” .. and lots of speculations too. Some people pretend to ask when they have most certainly made up their minds. I wonder why.

    It’s interesting to see Din’s very leading Questions and then answers himself with “people in the leadership of our government”. 😉

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