Why were the FRUs there?

Yesterday, the weekly Anti-ISA vigil at the padang opposite of Amcorp Mall in PJ was also to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the BERSIH rally last year.

Read Anil, Jarod, Tony Pua and Nat Tan for some of the details.

What gets to me, and what I seriously don’t understand, is why there were FRUs at the vigil last night. These vigils have been happening every weekend, all around the country, for more than a month now. And not ONCE in ANY of these vigils, did we even have a slight problem. No FRUs, no arrests, all was well and fine.

What is so different about THIS vigil, that the police felt the need to block access to Amcorp Mall from as early as 7pm? What happened during THIS vigil, that the police felt the need to arrest certain people?

Could it be because RPK has been released?

Or maybe because BERSIH was one of the organisers for THIS vigil, and so there was a problem?

Interesting to note is that the vigil in Ipoh went on without a single glitch.

So why were they there in PJ?


6 Comments on “Why were the FRUs there?”

  1. Patricia says:

    Yes, I wonder about that, too: Why were they there? And from the video on Jarod’s blog, they ‘did it’ even while the Negara Ku was being sung! Great respect for our national anthem, eh?


  2. zewt says:

    things like these will only spur ppl forward. the days when fear develops under such circumstances are slowly coming to an end.
    That thought came to me after I wrote this too. I agree.

  3. glad to know you morons have no life !


  4. Peter says:

    Here is proof (video): Chief Police Officer lied. FRU charged during Negara Ku. Please tell the world
    Thanks for the link Peter.

  5. bangmalaysia says:

    The BERSIH march last year saw the birth of the March 8 Tsunami. UMNO/BN are still fuming over their near-destruction in the GE.

    I think an order went out (I don’t want to speculate but I think all of you know who) to inflict the maximum pain & physical excesses onto those attending to kill the movement once and for all.

  6. Antares says:

    Michelle, have you ever had the grave misfortune to have broken up with a tak-mahu-kalah type of boyfriend whose inflamed ego simply will not allow him to restructure the relationship so you can at least remain good friends? If you have you might understand how Umno feels about more than half the rakyat ditching them on March 8th. Like all testosteronally driven men who vacillate violently between bully-and-wimp, they would rather kill the Rakyat than acknowledge that the Rakyat has fallen in love with another party – a much sexier, more with-it party – and graciously, like a gentleman of noble pedigree, let the Rakyat go its way unmolested. But no, Umno – or, at least UMNO BARU – is NOT interested in being noble, just and accommodating (that would be way too sissy, and Allah knows how homophobic the He-Men in Umno are!) So what you get is an ex-boyfriend who kicks your door down soon after your new date drops you off, calls you terrible names, and then beats you black-&-blue. The regressive & unstable Y-chromosome is a terrible curse to be burdened with.

    Patriarchal belief systems are what keep the testosterone-driven Alpha Male muscleheaded (or ‘dickheaded’ if you prefer more graphic terminology, considering what pricks such unrelentingly possessive men are :-). The only cure is when the Dickhead gets
    castrated & turns transsexual… or when he experiences an epiphany, outgrows the Wrathful God program, and returns to the Eternal Embrace of the Earth Goddess. How do you know when this has happened?
    The guy quits feeling paranoid, insecure, hostile & territorial towards other potential sperm donors… and becomes forgiving & unvindictive.

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