Dr M: Use ISA on corrupt UMNO members

From The Malaysian Insider:

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 12 – Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today suggested the Internal Security Act (ISA) should be used against corrupt Umno members.

He also backed Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the best candidate in the race for the Umno deputy presidency while suggesting that the other two challengers are involved in money politics.

“That’s a good way to use ISA, not for some writer who writes nonsense,” he said of corrupt Umno members and also in an apparent reference to Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin, who was released recently from ISA detention.

I do not know if Dr M said this in jest, or if he was serious about it. Given, he does not have the power to use the ISA on anyone. But it is a rather sick joke, if it is one.

Much as I dislike UMNO, and much more detest its corrupted members, to even suggest that the ISA be used on such people is just wrong. There are other laws in the country that take care of corruption. Or at least, are SUPPOSED to. Like the ACA.

The ISA was first enacted to curb communist activities. Back then, communist activities were killing members of civil society, literally. Much as I do not agree to detention without trial, this is history. There was a reason, rightly or otherwise, for the lawmakers of that time to enact the ISA. And dealing with corruption was NOT one of them.

The ISA has since been bandied about like as if it’s a toy. Don’t like what Ahmad Ismail said about Chinese being pendatang? Out comes the ISA. Don’t like Khairy’s way of doing things? ISA him! And there were shouts of using the ISA on fellow parliamentarians in the August House, though I’m not sure who, when, and under what circumstances.

The ISA does not solve anything. If at all, it only creates more problems. You go under detention because the Home Minister thinks you’re a threat, and you come out again after the Home Minister thinks you’re not anymore.

Lately, the ISA has been used to ‘provide protection’, and to carry out further investigations, releasing the ‘detainees’ after no more than one day. Court had also only just ruled that the Home Minister overstepped his boundaries in signing a 2-year detention order.

Where in all this nonsense do we see ‘national security threats’? Where in all this do we see ‘in the best interest of the nation’?

What I CAN see, is either (1) blatant abuse of power, or (2) total incompetency, both on the part of the Home Minister.

And to think that we place our ‘national security’ in the hands of this one man who either (1) blatantly abuses the power he has, or (2) is totally incompetent for his job requirements.

The ISA is still a law in Malaysia today. A law that puts into the hands of whoever happens to be chosen by the Prime Minister to be the Home Minister, the power to make or break a person. To detain or to free a person.To give or take a person’s freedom, at his whims and fancies.

The ISA puts into the hands of this man, powers that no one person should ever have.


I have deviated greatly from what I intended to write. But suffice to say that much as I detest corrupt UMNO members (or members of any political party), I detest the draconian law even more.

Dr M, in jest or otherwise, should not have said that.


6 Comments on “Dr M: Use ISA on corrupt UMNO members”

  1. bangmalaysia says:

    Totally agree. Corrupt UMNO politicians are scums of the earth. Just look at the private ‘istanas’ they built like the one in Klang with public money, I bet.

    But still using the ISA on them is abosulutely not the answer. ISA just takes away ones rights and dignity and its use can never be justified under any circumstance.

  2. Drachen says:

    Dr Motormouth will say whatever is expedient. Later he’ll claim he was misquoted.

    I suggest opening up the Kemunting Centre as a tourist attraction. Motormouth and Botak should be given the privilege to stay a week – absolutely free!
    I’ll bet they won’t be smirking when they check out!

  3. Argus Eye says:

    Agreed, Michelle. The ISA has to go, without exceptions. Although it would be classic to picture Mahathir in Kamunting, lets just keep it as a fantasy. Having said that, there’s still Sungai Buloh and Taiping waiting to accommodate him. =)

  4. anakpakross says:

    What more can you say to someone who is just fill with hatred, period. A good reflection from an article I read below;

    “Maybe Anwar confused Najib for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who during his 22 years in the PM’s office had brooked his fair share of unflattering epithets, chief among them “dictator”, and chief among his detractors was Anwar. After his sacking from Government and during his correction years, Anwar invested time, effort, money and legal fees to unleash one railing rhetoric after another against Dr Mahathir that in some measure, succeeded in blackening the ex-PM’s image but his reputation, especially in Japan and African and Middle East nations remain sterling.

    A dictator in the real sense Dr Mahathir was not, at least not in the realm of the abovementioned gallery of villainy, but a benevolent autocrat he certainly was, marshalling and goading the Malaysian masses into great self-confidence and self-pride to take on the world while whipping everyone at home – the rogues, the whiners, the desperados, the beggars, the backstabbers, the recalcitrants, and the ingratiaters – into fighting shape. Without Dr Mahathir’s prying, Malaysian politics would have degenerated into back-alley catfights of political tribalism dominated by ego-driven overlords and self-styled warlords. He still did not full succeed. If because of these aspects that deemed Dr Mahathir as a dictator, he’d probably take it with a wholesome chuckle.”

    So, if you cannot argue on the ISA issue and resort to just name calling, I wonder which one in the list is you. Is it the ‘whiners’, ‘desperados’, ‘recalcitrants’?

    Remember TDM did not start the ISA. So why not argue the subject intelligently instead of showing your stupidity with all the rantings of a six year old. Surely you guys are better than pea brainers and have better sense of morality since this seems to be the order of the day since March 2008!
    Do you still have the link to that article? It sounds interesting.

  5. Gadfly says:

    ISA should also be evaluated based on empirical evidence- political, social, psychological, legal and medical – that it works in practice. It will then debunk the myth, hopefully, just as the myth that torture works.

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