Dr M said it in jest

A couple of days ago, I wrote HERE about Dr M’s suggestion that the BN government use the ISA on corrupt UMNO members. Then, I said that I didn’t know if Dr M meant it seriously or in jest.

According to Muhyiddin, in Bernama:

On Dr Mahathir’s statement that people involved in money politics should be detained under the Internal Security Act, he said: “The Tun said it in jest“.

“It could also mean he was disappointed with what is happening in Umno in terms of the campaigns conducted and the practice of using money,” he said.

In that previous post, I mentioned that whether in jest or not, I am of the opinion that Dr M shouldn’t have said that. There are other ways to deal with corruption, and the ISA is not one of them.

If Dr M is disappointed, I cannot blame him. After all, he was leader of UMNO for so many years.

But really, if Muhyiddin’s answer is anything to go by, is the ISA really such a trivial thing that can be mentioned just for the fun of it? I hope not.

On another note. Isn’t it interesting that the press decided to ask Muhyiddin how he felt about what Dr M said? Why Muhyiddin? Why not the other UMNO leader-hopefuls like Ali Rustam and Muhammad Taib? Already endorsing Muhyiddin, maybe?

Just thinking out loud.


5 Comments on “Dr M said it in jest”

  1. ian says:

    Mathematical Proof that Mahathirism is Evil:



  2. asiseesit says:

    with 22 years of premiership, he knew very well that his thoughts alone will make a lot of people sit up and wonder.

    can’t blame him because he literally moulded UMNO into what it is today. with his influence and respectability, he knows his words alone is sufficient to cause ripples in the party.

    you may say he is concern on the state of UMNO now, but then again, why resign due to leadership problem and then bombard them left, right and center from outside?

  3. Drachen says:

    One guy says black. Another guy says first guy really meant white. The people who like black are happy. The people who like white are happy. Everybody is happy.

  4. anakpakross says:

    Why just harp on TDM. Why not also talk about ‘bangsa malaysia’ and all the promises by the de facto leader. What is all these about some ‘agreement’ that only they know.


    where is the transparency and non race base ideals? Does it not show that at the end of it all, politicians will be politicians. They will sell what we want to hear. What they do is totally a different thing. So, why just blame TDM and be personal when what you get is the same politician in the person you championed. I say let’s talk about substance that they promote, not the person!

  5. bow says:

    Dr M claimed he used ISA consistently in his 22 years as PM of Malaysia is because the people like to see him exercised his authority on dissident and critic with draconian laws, it is proven by repeated election victory, shown that majority of Malaysians support his action, not because of him being “evil” or “corrupt”.

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