Uthayakumar prevented from visiting his hospitalised mother?

Taken straight from Nat Tan’s blog HERE. I cannot verify anything, but read it anyways.

If the following statement from Waytha Moorthy (received via e-mail) is accurate and true, it’s really cruel. -Nathaniel Tan

The oppression and suppression carried out by the UMNO led government tools ie Home Office and the PDRM towards HINDRAF never seem to cease.

P.Uthayakumar’s mother, Madam Kalaivaniy was admitted in the hospital for eight days from 12th Nov 2008 to 19th Nov 2008 due to hypertension, high blood sugar level as well as to treat her gall bladder.

Repeated requests were made to Kamunting Detention Centre upon her admission to inform her son and request for permission for Uthaya to visit his mother but to no avail. UTHAYAKUMAR was not even made known of his mother being hospitalized until this Sunday on 16th Nov 2008 when his fiancée visited him.

In addition to this, four Special Branch officers from the Malaysian Royal Force had visited Uthaya’s mother in the hospital on 18th and 19th Nov 2008 to ascertain whether it was really Uthaya’s mother and further interviewed those nurses attended to her and asked them if they were aware that this is Uthaya’s mother.

Even the bedridden Uthaya’s mother was not spared by this callous government agents as she was questioned and asked whether she would want her son to visit her.

The Malaysian police force has taken intimidation and harassment to new heights in questioning and interrogating Uthaya’s hospitalized mother as well as enquiring the nurses on their awareness of whether she being Uthaya’s mother. What is the relevant of this? If this is not intimidation and harassment, then I really don’t know what this is.

Besides, does it take four Special Branch officers to verify the admission by personally visiting, questioning and interrogating hospital personnel and his mother? What a waste of public funds or is this merely another act of intimidation and harassment towards those who seek what is fair and just.

We urge the Prison authority at least in compassion and humanity grounds allow Uthaya Kumar to visit his mother in her residence as she is recovering from her illness and is unable to travel and was not fit to travel for the recent Deepavali visit.

Thank you

P. Waytha Moorthy




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