Pewaris: Act against those who want to abolish ISA

Hat-tip Mustafa K Anuar. From the StarOnline HERE.

Representatives from an umbrella body of Malay and Muslim non-governmental organisations lodged five police reports Sunday over several issues which they claimed endangered Muslim and Malay unity.

The Heritage Associations, Malay Cultural Organisations and Related Bodies Cooperation Network (Pewaris) urged the Government to act against groups which are asking for the abolition of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

On the ISA, Dr Maa’mor said the group agreed that the Act was needed to prevent the outbreak of problems that might hamper national security.

Groups that are asking that the ISA be abolished are “endangering Muslim and Malay unity”? Seriously?

The ISA is a law in Malaysia that allows for detention without trial. The Home Minister, and him alone has the power to sign documents that could cause a detainee to be further detained for 2 years without trial, and subsequently extend the detention for an additional 2 years, every 2 years. Without trial, there can be no determining whether or not investigations are properly carried out. There is no need for proof, and one is assumed ‘guilty’ of being a threat to national security, because the Home Minister thinks so.

Groups that have been voicing concerns of this law that allows such arbitrary arrests are speaking for our rights as people to be given the adequate channels and platforms to argue our case in fair and public trial. How does this translate into “endangering Muslim and Malay unity”?

Pewaris is making it sound like as if without the ISA, Malays and Muslims in this country will be disunited and separated. Personally, I don’t see any logic in that. Why would the unity of ANY persons be hinged upon the existance of this law?

Unity does not come from the clamping down of different views and opinions. That is like using paper to cover fire – it doesn’t work.


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  1. anakpakross says:

    It is obvious from the number of articles dedicated on ISA that you are hell bent against the subject matter. I am no keen supporter of it either but I think your single mindedness against the act cause your inability or just plain refusal to see anything good in it or bad that derived from raising hell against it.

    I don’t intent to speak on behalf of PEWARIS either. The logic in their saying that ‘ISA endangering Muslims and Malay Unity’ could be understood quite simply.

    It is obvious that ‘malay unity’ has been quite a topic since March 2008. With all the pump up ‘change’ promised by certain quarters and the weakness in present UMNO leadership has split the malays. Others with hidden agenda has caused more concerns among the malays to evaluate their station, and this led to more racial separation conciousness than ever before.

    Off late the ISA has been used as another issue to pressure those in power. PEWARIS I believe is concern that the bickering on ISA issue may caused furhter split in the ‘malay and muslim’ unity. Malay as between PKR and UMNO, and muslims as in PAS and UMNO. In that light, what is meant by PEWARIS is quite obvious.

    You said “Unity does not come from the clamping down of different views and opinions.” Well, that may not be true all of the time. Unity may also not come from total freedom as well. It is a subject that depends on the condition or state of the situation.

    You said “That is like using paper to cover fire – it doesn’t work.”. Some may argue that, ISA is no paper but rather a steel blanket. Some even suggest that in a country like ours, the government without ISA is like a toothless tiger. With everyone wanting to have a piece of the pie, with many races demanding their rights, with religious extremist prepared for trading lives, is there anything that would allow the government to control and put order? Yes some may say we should resort to the law. Yet many would agree the law as we know just takes too long before the real damage is done for good.

    So, there are some that argue that what is needed is to review the ISA. Some accountability is what is required and to only use it wisely. It is against this backdrop of vague philiosophical requirement that no right or wrong can be an absolute answer. Yet, it is amzing to see some would argue furiously that the ISA is just something that MUST be abolished!

  2. KevinP says:

    There are many nincompoops around…..

    A country that believes an oppressive law is required to ensure that a particular race and religion is secured… and a country that believes that ruling yoga and tomboyism illegal to be of greater importance than the sliding economy, corruption and blatant disregard for human rights…

  3. PAPA_MELAKA says:


  4. anakpakross says:

    Hah, see what I mean! Why do we have to call each other names to convey our thoughts or frustrations? What right do we have to call others nincompoops or mata sepit. How does that help resolve issues. But yet you will see this continues all the same.

    The issue is ‘draconian law’ is not acceptable. So, how do we handle it? Is it UMNO’s fault? If it is, then I say all the others PKR,DAP,MCA,MIC,PAS are also to blame. Do we need a ‘draconian law’ if we can stick to issues and not make things a racial, religious, or matters that stoke sentiments that causes trouble for the nation.

    Which is worst, to initiate a backdoor takeover that destabalised the present government which scare foreign investment OR ISA the guys that causes it? Is stoking racial tension acceptable OR ISA the guys doing it? Is allowing the religious zelots freedom to group and plan for open bombing better than ISA the guys first? Is allowing people to open debate on racial sentiments better than ISA the guys that led to racial conflicts?

    These are real. The list of people you had on ISA is a reflection on this. Now, what is done to those people is prison is another matter. Implementation of the ISA is a different matter that should be subject to public scrutiny.

    Laws whether draconian or not is subject to interpretation. A PAS guy may argue against ISA but have no qualms about ‘hudud’. DAP want press freedom but have no hesitation to sue the newspaper. PKR wants ISA abolished but have no issue with PAS on ‘islamic’ state. So, why all the double standard? Why only blame UMNO? Is it because we always think we are right hence the other must be wrong?

  5. Paul Warren says:

    This Pewaris had this headband distributed. Obviously more expensive than just a simple cloth, it read “HIDUP MELAYU.HIDUP ISLAM”

    My immediate response to that was, “does it mean, on the inverse side, “Mati Melayu. Mati Islam”?

    Wow, when did Islam depned on the Malays to survive? I bet the Pakistanis, Arabs and African Muslims are not going to like that very much, are they?

    Anakpakross, seems to think the Malays are such a feeble lot that if they are not united they could perish as a community.

    Well, maybe there is something about the Malays in Malaysia that they are so weak and vulnerable. It is sad then that they are so volatile that a little thing like Yoga and they could leave both their race and religion.

    Well, I guess that is an assumption that is useful to take and to make believe as that then justifies for you all the crap policies of UMNO. You see, UMNO has positioned its raison de tre as principally being there to protect the interest of the Malays in all spheres of their lives.

    But really, do the Malays really and truly need such protection in order to retain for them their Malayness and their ties to Islam? And if so why?

    Now, if there was any truth to this fallacy then what you’d find is the Malay population of the world outside Malaysia will all be trail blazing towards Malaysia. But are they?

    Look at the Singapore Malays. I don’t think at this time there would be very many Malays there who would be easily enticed to come over for UMNO’s protection.

    What about the Cape Malays in South Africa? They still remain Malay today although maybe, the younger ones may not speak much Malay. But hten again so are quite a few Malays in some elite homes here in Malaysia. The Cape Malays still remain Muslim and they have not lost their Malay heritage. Neither are they streaming down our shores seeking UMNO protection.

    And what about the Sri Lankan Malay community. They are not exactly the richest lot there. They would be better off coming to Malaysia. But they are not as well. And they still retain their Malayness and their Islam.

    Now this thing about Malay unity with Islam thrown in as something necessary for their protection is an UMNO mantra, that is worse than any Yoga chanting or mantra, used to seduce idiots in the community to actually believe this tale. Believing so, it is not too difficult then to solicit support from their community.

    My contention is the Malays in Malaysia have been nicely taken for a ride just so that without question they will support the UMNO war lords. And what really have they done for the Malays anyway?

  6. anakpakross says:

    I wondered what makes a man think that there is only two options in life; black or white, hidup atau mati. The fact that if PEWARIS says ‘hidup melayu, hidup islam’ and all Paul can think is the negative is true, only shows ones paranoid perception to life rather than anything else. Surely PEWARIS is not so feeble minded as well! Come on Paul, life is definitely more colourful than that.

    I am at lost to your further conclusion that I am at all suggesting that malays are feeble minded lot and could perish as a community. That is one hell a claim. Far from that, it only reflects what you think of the matter. So please just speak for yourself.

    You went on further to suggest that the ‘malays are weak and vulnerable’. Hey, if one cannot argue and disagree less being accused of weakness, then I would say you are just so full of it, jumping to conclusion ever so easily. This habit of judging others is just so unbecoming.

    Not enough on speaking for the malaysian malays, you seems to cross borders and also be a self elected spoke person for the singapore, cape, and sri lankan malays. You seems to know it all on how malays all over the world feels.

    As for singapore malays, maybe you should have read an article posted here sometime ago from a singaporean malay girl reporter. I don’t remember her saying good things about being a malay in singapore. Yet I think it would still be wrong to jump to conclusion that all malays in singapore think like her.

    If you think that the Cape Malays hasn’t lost their cultural heritage in the same manner of malays in malaysia, i say you are blinded by your perceived opinion. To say that a sri lankan malay did not come here for reason not requiring unity is way off the mark.

    Anyway, all that I have commented previously is mainly on the justification for or against a ‘draconian law’. I have tried to demonstrate that we should go beyond race and NOT make it a racial issue. Paul has only dragged the issue way out of topic and make it into a racial one. And yet he has the audacity to claim that the malays in malaysia has been taken for a ride. I wonder by whom!

  7. PAPA_MELAKA says:


  8. PAPA_MELAKA says:


  9. walski69 says:

    Hmmm… so much shouting by this Papa_Melaka feller… sampai susah nak baca apa yang ditulis. Bising sangat!

    It’s clear that it’s difficult to reason with some people, especially those that lose all rationality (and apparently CAPS lock control, too) when it comes to certain issues.

    Funny, but what “MARUAH” are we talking about when one proudly shouts that you need crutches, and that society owes you a living?

    Dan kalau sampai ulama/mufti pun tak boleh dikritik, bukankah ini tanda ketaksuban anda dengan kedudukan seseorang manusia, sampai tegamak menyamakan ulama/mufti ini seperti Rasulullah? Bangkitlah dari tidur kamu, Papa_Melaka – kemajuan hidup ini adalah, tidak lain, tidak bukan melalui usaha kita sendiri. Gunakan akal fikiran kamu dan jangan semata-mata jadi hamba kepada imosi mu…

  10. Gadfly says:

    I am now relying on my not so good memory on what I read sometime ago. It refers to the Nuremberg Trials of the top leaders of Nazi Germany.When one of them was asked by the judge how he could persuade thousands of Germans to support Nazism,he said(something to this effect):”It is very simple. Create the fear that your race is being threatened to be wiped out by an enemy. Make the enemy into a demon. Then the people will follow you like sheep. And you can do whatever you want with the enemy.”

    History tells people to look into fear. What fear others want to instill into you. And what fear is inside us. Then, we will not follow like sheep.

  11. ali_jb says:

    esok hindraf nak berkumpul nak sambut mangkal sakti.anwar nak dtg kot sebab dia selalu guna perkataan tu.Kesian DSAI jadi kuda tunggangan hindraf…

  12. anakpakross says:

    Why is it when a malay talk about its race then he is a racist. When a malay talk about malay rights then he is seen as needing cruthces and society owes him a living? Are we that stupid to be easily fooled by simple logic promoted by certain quarters?

    On the other hand when a chinese talk about abolishing the NEP then he is actually trying to assist the malay from crutches? The indian talking abaout makhal sakti the he is championing the under prevelidge? Really?

    The sad fact is when the chinese talk about abolishing the NEP, the real intent is to get an even bigger piece of the cake, no limit. If the NEP had failed to achieve the 30% target, who do you think got the 80% of the pie? Let us be clear that the NEP started not on the basis of ‘special’ rights but rather to uplift the economically backward malays.

    Hindraf is all about championing ‘indians’ right. That is well and fine but why accused others to do ethnic cleansing? why play the ‘race’ issue when what they are doing is blatant stoking of racial sentiments.

    It appears to me that this is all about some ulterior political motives by certain camps aspiring to be in power. You want to talk about the malaysians taken for a ride! Those wanting to be in power is using all the race, religious, special previledges, ketuanan melayu sentiments to unseat the current status quo. They will go to the indians and shout makhal sakhti, to the chinese championing all the chinese education and road signs, provide more demands of the sabah and sarawakians. All in the ultimate aim of being in power at all costs. In their wake, we have this ever widening racial rift and society tension.

    Now when some fatwa council talk about islam, that too is attributed to those in power. Next every little thing will be blamed on the malays, as long as we can abolished their ‘rights’ and do away with ‘islam’ as the main religion.

    Why whould the malays be apologetic. Yes we are all racist, so what. You are born into a particular race and if that makes you a racist so be it. We champion ‘bangsa malaysia’, one that speaks malay, enjoys the local tradition, and respect each other freedom of religion.

    The sad fact is those who bitches about bangsa malaysia cannot even speak proper bahasa let alone share the local culture. They only see the need to championed their cause, not necessarily for malaysia. Predictably they will keep attacking on the malays as long as their final aim is achieved. UMNO is a convenient target, so not let that fooled you.

    All we do here is to participate in their agenda. They will want to make this discussion a racial one, NOT about ISA. And yes we can play along to their likings OR we can focus on the topic. We have the choice, to be taken for a ride or not!

  13. Drachen says:

    The fact of the matter is umno’s policies are not sustainable. If every project loses money how are we going to carry on? One day there’ll be nothing left! How is that going to help the Malays?

    We have to stop looking at ourselves as races. We have to learn to work with one another if we are to face global competition. When we run out of natural resources, will we have anything to trade with China and India? If we don’t unite, we will ALL SUFFER! Do we want a Malaysia that is strong and viable or do we want a Malaysia that is crippled by its own infighting? Chew on that!

  14. anakpakross says:

    Drachen is absolutely right. We need to learn to work with one another, as one ‘bangsa’, if we are to compete at the world stage. But still there are still this unrelenting accusation, knowingly or not, putting the blame on the malays. why?

    Since when does it becomes an ‘UMNO policies’? The fact is, for the last 50 odd years it has been a Barisan government. There is a whole lot of difference here. Like it or not, the MCA and the MIC are also in the fold. By saying that it is an UMNO thing, the blame game continues to haunt the ‘malays’ as the root of all evil. The failure of MIC to represent the indians and the MCA to represent the chinese are conveniently loaded onto UMNO.

    So, ya we need to work together. And that was what our forefathers intended to 50 years ago by forming the Barisan. Now we ‘think’ we want to work together and yet our first liner is to accused the ‘UMNO/malay’ policy failures. All the years before March 2008 was a sucess story for MCA, MIC and others BUT after 2008 it was the failure of UMNO. Great isn’t it!

    Some even goes on ‘thinking’ that the opposition alternative is the real deal. Please do evaluate it honestly and see if the pakatan is not just another Barisan with a new cover. Wake up guys.

    We need to be one ‘bangsa’. Pround first as a malaysian and not malay, chinese, indians etc. Hey look at Phlipines Corazon Aquino, and Thailand Thaksin, are all chinese descent. In Indonesia you can find truckloads of chinese who are more indonesian than chinese. In malaysia we have failed miserably. why? The fact is the promotion of chinese schools, indian schools, all the unity in diversity crap is actually just driving us apart.

    So please be sincere in wanting to be of one ‘bangsa’. Stop blaming the other race if you even want to make a new start. Until then competition with others in the world stage is just but a dream.

  15. Paul Warren says:


    Don’t just read part of a sentence or a paragraph and conclude the intent of that part of the sentence or the paragraph or for that matter the whole paragraph.

    But then that is typical UMNO mentality, hence without understanding what RPK writes, they detain him under ISA accusing him of insulting Islam.

    You see, even in editing and fuming over those five words “malays are weak and vulnerable” there appears to be mischief at play. I had said “the Malays in Malaysia that they are so weak and vulnerable”. Now, that tells you to read on both sides of that statement, right?

    “Unity” is a wonderful word. But in the Malaysian context it has been hijacked and misused to justify positions taken. UMNO’s mantra for Malay Unity makes it sound like as if “disunity” is such a bad thing. Fact is since time immemorial, the Malays of different states have been fighting one another. No wonder it was easy for, first, the Portuguese, then the Dutch, and lastly the British to colonise the land.

    The call for Malay Unity is no more than iconic. It represents, at least to UMNO, a great feat on their part to achieve. But read more closely you find that this unity that is being called for is for the purpose of uniting against the “enemy” And who is that enemy?

    It is sad that after 51 years we have come to this state. When I was little, I still remember all the Malay friends of my father’s coming with their wives and children to our house during Christmas and making our house their own. There was no fear or distrust. I remember the Malay friend of my late father shedding a tear when he died. And a most beautiful letter of support and prayer sent to my father when he fell very ill and lost an eye was from a dear friend of his. A Malay.

    AnakPak Ross, without a clamour for being anak Bangsa Malaysia or whatever, there was a time when it was possible for each of us to see each other as human beings. It was the content of our character that characterised relationships and friendships and created life long bonding.

    It is the evil of the demonising of the “others” that has reduced this country to what it has. When you champion “ketuanan Melayu” or you keep calling for Malay unity or protecting Malays and Islam, obviously, all this calls are made in in reference to an identified and defined enemy. So tell me, who is that enemy?

    These calls do not stand on their own.

  16. anakpakross says:


    Is it not you who read PEWARIS and ‘conclude’ the inverse? I was merely showing what you did, to ever so easily conclude to support your perceived opinion.

    Again you conclude on ‘typical UMNO mentality’. Just because you may be an RPK supporter, does not give you the right to potray others as ‘UMNO metality’ as if it is some kind of sickness. All these promotion of ideas UMNO=malay=weak is something you seem to promote without any conscience. I’m honestly amazed especially when you think there are always mischef in others but not in yours.

    You speak of ‘malays’ as if you are one. You seems to know all the ailments that the malay suffers. The call for malay unity by the malays is somehow interpreted in meeting a mischevious ends. At this point I would say that it is not the malays that is suffering from paranoia. The concept of bersatu padu is all over the malay culture. It doesn’t need UMNO to remind them of that. Surely with your wealth of experiences in life with the malay would have taught you that.

    Yes I agree with you that there was a time when we grew up and all races seems so together. In those days we all goes to same sekolah kebagsaan, not chinese or tamil school. All the people talk malay fluently and respect each other religion and cultures. But now, too many educated people coming from different schools and could not even speak proper bahasa. ‘Islam’ is for everyone to ridicule and comment as they so desired. Oh just like you, they don’t have any ill intent BUT the ‘malays’ need to be reminded. So ya, tell me who is the enemy?

    Do you expect the malay to learn mandrin or tamil, or maybe all of us speak english instead. Do you expect the malay to say thank you for every tom dick and harry to butt into their religion and tell them what they can or cannot do. Do you expect the malays majority in the village to compete on equal footings with the chinese in the towns? Do you expect the malay to accept when the chinese tells them that they are kaum pendatang. Do you expect them to say thank you when they are accused to be practicing ethnic cleansing?

    If you are not a malay at least have a decency to listen to their plight, no matter how it is said. Why ridicule them with ‘UMNO mentality’ if you are sincere. At the rate now, who is actually demonising whom out there?

  17. Drachen says:

    About languages, speaking the same language doesn’t mean you won’t face discrimination. The Chinese in Indonesia spoke the local language perfectly. There were no Chinese schools in Indonesia for decades! So closing down all the Chinese and Indian schools in this country is not going to solve any problems.

    The reason why people all over the world are now learning Chinese is simply to compete. Learning Chinese doesn’t mean giving up your culture or religion.

  18. anakpakross says:

    Drachen, I beg to differ. Education IS the root to having united future generation of ‘bangsa malaysia’. It is precisely because Indonesia does not have other forms of schools forced all their people to speak with one languange. So having one school regardless of race is definitely a starting point in nation building.

    Learning other languages is of course good in competing with other internationally. But it must not be at the extent of compromising national unity. What we have now is no where near to having one language. Worst, we even have people who can’t even speak proper bahasa and yet we preached ‘bangsa malaysia’. Surely you can agree that there is no where in this world that that is acceptable or practiced.

  19. Michelle says:

    Dear readers,

    I realise that the comments here have strayed considerably from what I initially wrote about, which is the ISA. I appreciate all comments, and all your points have made for good reading and thinking.

    However, it would be best if we could keep the debate on race and language for another post or some other time.

    My contention at this point is merely this: The movement of wanting to abolish the ISA was never a race issue, and I hope it doesn’t become one.

    Thank you.

  20. Drachen says:

    Sorry, Michelle. 🙂

    Coming back to the ISA, there’s a Chinese saying, you kill the rooster to frighten the monkeys. So the argument is that by locking up a few of these poor bastards without trial you frighten the potential “terrorists” or religious fanatics into submission. It’s a form of deterrent, just like nuclear missiles.

    Problem is this law has been used by the greedy and the incompetent to silent their critics. And umno members need not fear the ISA because it will never be used against them. Plus, it makes the police lazy. They don’t have to come up with any evidence against detainees.

    I suppose the unspoken fear is that once the ISA has been abolished, the psychopaths will be out in the streets burning down the country.
    No need to apologise. =)

    I don’t know if the ISA was ever meant to be a legislation to incur ‘fear’ in people, but I guess it succeeds in a twisted way. Although I wouldn’t quite agree with you that this is a good way to curb terrorism. “Terrorism” is exactly what it means, which is to instill ‘terror’ in people’s hearts. Using the ‘fear factor’ on potential terrorists wouldn’t work, in my opinion.

    As for the ‘unspoken fear’ that you wrote about, I guess in a way, that can be a real fear. And perhaps this is where the ‘review’ of the ISA comes in, like what anakpakross was talking about. Review the act so that it is not open to abuse, but still provides preventive measures. My 2sen.

  21. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Hi Michelle. Haven’t been here quite some time. As usual, busy with work lah, haha.

    Your ‘Memories of ISA’ article is an enlightening read, in particular the Aliran article on the abuse of power under the ISA. It’s distressing to read the accounts of the detainees going through physical and mental torture.

    What’s even sadder is that in so many years of being a citizen of this country, only recently was i aware of the torture that most ISA detainees went through. Ignorance is certainly not bliss, in this case. I suspect not many people really knows about the torture. Maybe in their minds they knew those detained lost their freedom and that was all.

    Any human beings with the least bit of compassion left in them should know that we should never torture and imprison another innocent human being without trial, more so when they are our own rakyat! We don’t need laws to tell us that. Our conscience should tell us that.

    As far as this draconian ‘law’ is concerned, i hope one day it would be thrown into the dustbin of history never to be pick up again and forgotten. Period. And all of us decent people should strive for that day.

    In the end, what can, or rather what should, i do after reading this? Well, at least i can send the Aliran article to as many people, starting from my friends and families. Creating awareness is important. And i believe that’s the main purpose of blogs like yours.

    Until next time, you take care ya.
    Thank you. You take care too.

  22. Drachen says:

    The above are only my thoughts. I haven’t got a fixed position on the ISA yet. I’m still considering the various issues. By the way, to review is different from to abolish. 🙂

    [Incidentally, I just asked a friend whether he felt any less patriotic because he went to a Chinese school. He said no. He is just as passionate about the country. When he was overseas he had a secret code to communicate with his fellow Malaysians – the Malay language!]

  23. Hohenstaufen says:

    Pewaris ckp xnk mansuhkan ISA demi melayu…

    dorang tak tau ke ramai org melayu ISLAM dlm tahanan ISA???

    orang melayu sekalian jgn lah berfikiran sempit dan racist…

    ISLAM x ajar umatnyer racist…

    Igt Allah x png kaum,harta atau pangkat tapi KeIMANan sesorang itu…

  24. Paul Warren says:


    You said that I maintain that “UMNO=malay=weak is something you seem to promote without any conscience”

    On the contrary, if you read what I said a little more carefully, it is not I who holds that position. Indeed I see Malays as no different from any other human being. All things being equal Malays don’t need the crutches and any aggressive attitude to get ahead or be equal to anyone.

    However, it is a position that UMNO assumes. That is about what justifies UMNO’s claim to leadership.

    Michelle, sorry if this debate came off the ISA agenda.

  25. anakpakross says:


    Let’s just say that we may see things differently BUT that should not be the reason to single people out to be the cause of all things bad. If UMNO championed for the malays, so do the MCA/DAP for the chinese, and MIC/Hindraf for indians. The unfortunate thing is the continued promotion of the ideas that the support for the malays is equal to crutches, UMNO mentality, on race makes them racist and so on. But the opposite is not true for the chinese or the indians.

    Now this article is on ISA and I had from the beginning tried to make it one BUT as I have stounchly voiced my opinion, the issue is again made into a ‘malay’ thing. It is said to be an UMNO thing while there are UMNO guys who went in under ISA is totally ignored of refused to believed. It seems that anything out there these days are equated to the malays and islam. Surely you must have noticed this and yet i wonder why it is still being promoted like a gospel truth and renders all the thinking people into some streotyped herd metality.

    Anyway, I maintain that we should focus on the main topic and not drag it into a racial thing. If it is ISA so be it. Next god knows whatever issues will be played and I bet there will be some that continue the myth of associating it with ‘UMNO mentality’ of sort. Let’s not be taken for a ride by the powers that is or aspiring to be if we are truly interested in making a genuine ‘bangsa malaysia’.

  26. Chiselstone says:

    ISA is a draconian law and must be abolished. It allows detention ‘without trial!’ I’m quite shocked that of all people, it was Dr Maamor that called for the cruel Act to be maintained. What was he thinking? Pewaris futher said that those who called for the abolishment of ISA are endangering ‘Muslim and Malay unity?’ Just what are they talking about? Don’t they know that ISA is unIslamic? Something is not right here!
    To’s so amusing how you’ve swayed from the topic..painstakingly defending umno in that.
    Well..I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass!

  27. anakpakross says:

    Chiselstone, why are you so pump up anyway. Get a life. Everyone has a right to an opinion whether you like it or not. If you can’t respect others that’s fine but at least respect the blog owner, state your argument and keep within the topic. Please, you don’t have to kiss my ass either!

  28. Gadfly says:

    LightsintheDistance,you mentioned that only recently you are aware of the torture of the detainees. I believe Malaysians are deliberately not allowed to know what is inside the four walls. Otherwise, the populace may find it too repulsive. Ignorance here is being artificially manufactured and not a natural condition. An optical illusion of consciousness is purposely created.

  29. Gadfly says:

    I find the above website from the ‘Medical Foundation for the care of victims of torture’ quite thought-provoking, especially the article on ‘The Fallacy of the Ticking time Bomb’. Check also for ‘Torture: myths and facts’. Perhaps it helps the defenders and apologists of ISA to reflect on their position and those who are unclear to make sense of a perplexing issue.
    Thank you for the links.

  30. gogor says:

    Being a malay, java, bugis does not guarantee you to be a good muslim. Those who sr supporting the ISA is the one who knows nothing about a JUSTICE in Islam. They just act in the names of Malay. Dont u know that Malay is only minority community in Indonesia…they dont have any power but still they can be a good muslim huh…what a suprise..Does the Rasulullah require those draconian act in upholding Islamic Principle ? For those who feel that they still have the what so called maruah…pls see yourself in the mirror again and ask What the hell are u….

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