Child abuse of the most horrendous kind

Found this on BBC news HERE:

Two New Zealand men have been convicted of murdering a three-year old girl, after months of torturing the child.

Wiremu Curtis, 19, and his brother Michael, 22, face life sentences for the murder of Nia Glassie.

Nia died of brain injuries in hospital on 3 August 2007, two weeks after suffering fatal kicks to her head.

Nia’s mother, Lisa Kuka, 35, who was in a relationship with Wiremu Curtis, was found guilty of manslaughter for failing to protect her child.

The court heard details of horrific abuse inflicted on the three-year old:

• She had been kicked, beaten, slapped, jumped on and held over a burning fire

• She had been put into a clothes dryer spinning at top heat

Wrestling moves copied from a computer game had been practised on her

• She had been folded into a sofa and sat on, shoved into piles of rubbish, dragged through a sandpit half naked, flung against a wall and dropped from a height onto the floor

• And she had been whirled rapidly on an outdoor rotary clothes line until she was thrown off.

At one point, she was left lying unconscious for 36 hours without medical attention.

I’m horrified at myself for not knowing about this case, despite my physically being in NZ.

Sometimes I wonder, why do these things happen? Two young men, around my age, doing this .. this kind of barbaric thing. I simply have no words.

With the death toll in Mumbai now at more than 100 following terrorist attacks, I’m thinking that this kind of child abuse is also a terroristic act on its own. I pray for humanity.


5 Comments on “Child abuse of the most horrendous kind”

  1. Zoompad says:

    They have secret family courts in NZ, and anyone PROTECTING a child from an abusive ex partner can end up in jail, accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome. The same thing is happening here in the UK.

    The chap who invented PAS was a psychologist from Pennysylvania called Richard Gardner. He was a pedophile.

    The reason I know all this is because I spent seven years defending my right not to send my son, who was born as a result of rape, to a rapist – the dirty immoral bullying shameless toad used the secret family courts to stalk me. I was told that rapists do not lose theit parental rights, and I was repeatedly threatened with prison. I won my carse, but it was a heck of a battle!

  2. Paul Warren says:

    Hey, I was following this case from the time baby Nia was sent to the hospital…

    You want to know about sick things happening, its all around you…but more so in South Auckland.

  3. Paul Warren says:


    I have never heard of that, It sounds so horrible to me. Rapists being given any rights at all!!

    Unfortunately this is all becoming available to crooks because you have do gooders, mostly the Greens, and tree hugger types or at least pretenders, pushing their so called “humanistic” philosophies.

    This is why there is a lot more written law as well as rules and policies governing the protection and the rights of rapists than there are for victims.
    Sad isn’t it?

  4. Crankshaft says:

    That is some serious abuse. The mother of the child, who was ironically twice the age of her boyfriend did nothing to protect her child.

    Very wrong.

  5. tehsin says:


    I cried too reading this. And in the BBC piece, neighbors and family memebers were AWARE of the abuse.

    Zalimnya. How much she suffered.

    May they rot in the deepest recesses of HELL.

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