Sadistic rape crime against Indon maid

It must have been that I wasn’t paying attention in the past week or so, because I simply missed this piece of news. But either way, this article was posted on 19th November 2008 on The Jakarta Post HERE, and I think it’s important enough for me to re-post it here.

An appeal court in Malaysia has doubled the penalty for an employer convicted of raping an Indonesian maid, to 32 years’ imprisonment.

The court also ordered the rapist, Seow Eng Aik, to be lashed 18 times with a cane, despite him having filed the appeal. Seow was previously sentenced in 2005 to 16 years’ imprisonment.

Seow’s wife, Tan Seok Hoon, was also found guilty by the appeal court for assisting in holding the hands of the maid while her husband committed the offense.

The court also found evidence that Tan had scrubbed chili into the victim’s vagina following the rape. Tan was also sentenced to six years in prison.

The court made a public statement that anyone who committed such crimes would be punished severely.

“Our reason for adding to the penalty was because this was a sadistic crime against an innocent girl who was supposed to be protected. But you, with the aid of your wife, raped the victim to satisfy your lust.

“The poor girl came all the way from Indonesia to earn a living, but you sexually abused her,” said judge Datuk Suriyadi Halim Omar, as quoted by Bernama newswire on Wednesday.

I am simply sickened by this sort of news. How a person can bring him/herself to do this to another human being is beyond me.

Rape is, to me, the worst kind of crime that one can do to a woman. To rape a woman is to take away all that is precious and meaningful to her. To rape her is to strip her of her rights to her body. To rape her is to steal her dignity. To rape her is to kill her soul.

What is worse in this case, is because another woman aided the crime. What the wife was thinking about, I simply do not understand. She not only just stood there and looked on while her husband raped another woman, she actually HELPED! Has she no compassion? Has she no heart?

AH! I don’t know! What I know is, I’m frustrated, and angry, and I don’t know what to say.

And to rape your own maid! You hired her to your home, and you are supposed to be protecting her like one of your own! You don’t commit a crime against her! How could they do that to her?!

And to scrub chilli on her vagina after the rape? What sort of PERSON does that? What could possibly have been her reason? No reason in this world would be enough to explain the kind of sadistic crime that was commited. You just don’t do this sort of thing to another living thing. It’s TORTURE!

It’s just ..sick.


5 Comments on “Sadistic rape crime against Indon maid”

  1. Grand Marquis says:

    I am not trying to be racist, but just as many would like to accuse Malay of being morally corrupt. The other race has also the equal share. But every time when a Malay did a crime, it was highlighted as Malay/Muslim. This incident is to be remembered that the next time before you start to throw accusation, please ponder.

  2. Drachen says:

    I watched both my sons coming into this world and I really feel that a woman’s private area is sacred and not something you fool around with. God makes babies in heaven and delivers them through that door.

    [By the way, can Grand Marquis provide some evidence where “every time when a Malay did a crime, it was highlighted as Malay/Muslim”? Let me state very clearly that I am not antagonistic toward Muslims. For the record, I want the West out of the Middle East and the suffering of the Palestinians ended.]

  3. bangmalaysia says:

    Its a shocking crime not only because it is brutal but that it was supported by the pepertrator’s wife and victim was scrubbed with cilli. Its sadistic and cruel. Reflects the sick minds of the couple.

  4. LightsInTheDistance says:

    Sad to say these kind of people do exist in any society. They do not or have very little conscience much less empathy for other human beings. They do not know right from wrong, and don’t see other people as human beings but as ‘opportunities’.

    Do they ever feel remorse after doing that? But feeling remorse after the crime cannot undo the pain and suffering that the victim will have to go through for the rest of her life.

    And i have always thought women have more sense than men, and would help other women in distress.

  5. Gadfly says:

    When someone makes an appeal to the higher court, why is it that he receives the double of the jail sentence? In this case, it is 32 years which doubles the original 16 years. What is the message the judge wants to send out? If it is to reflect the moral outrage of the times, then it should be 32 years in the first place. How could he be sentenced to another 16 years when he has not committed any further crime after the arrest? Is it an horrendous crime to make an appeal? the criminal justice system has its own strange logic.

    Media like TV, newspapers and internet have the potential and the power to shape public attitudes. They do reflect the interests of the dominant social groups. How the media frame their stories can be openly or subtly racist, sexist, and classicist. Certain newspapers are blatantly racist. The breakdown of statistics in crime in ethnic groupings is not racist. But, the interpretation of crime can be racialised. And it serves little to illuminate the causes of crime.

    A sadist need to be understood beyond the narrow confines of legalistic thoughts – the motivation and behaviour. Besides the personality traits, the childhood upbringing, family background and the social system all could shed light into a complex issue.

    Why bother to go and understand a monster? If you understand him , you will forgive him, a French saying goes like this. I believe the crimes cannot be forgiven, but the person can be reformed given the right conditions.

    The law can punish a person , but up to a point only. Beyond that it is ineffective.It is counter-productive when punishment means nothing but revenge.The longer the prison terms does not mean the better if there is no or little attempt to reform the criminals.
    Your comments have been that of quiet logic. Thanks for your contributions, and I hope you continue coming here and giving me and other readers more food for thought.

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