The ‘perception’ of crime

Not too many days ago, Najib was saying that crime rates in Malaysia are actually lower than that in Hong Kong and Japan, and that we should change our perception of crime.

I wouldn’t really know, since I’m not in Malaysia. But my dad just came back to NZ from Malaysia recently (a couple of days ago, to be exact), and he had some horror stories to tell.

The perception is, he says, that crimes are happening in broad daylight, and the police actually know about them. He told me that the victims don’t even bother to report the crimes, simply because nothing will be done.

He said someone told him a story of going to the police station to report a gang of snatch theives, and the police said, “Ah, saya tau siapa mereka. Kes kamu dah kes ke-7. Dalam hari ni saja, dah kes ke-7. Kita tau, geng ni operate kat kawasan ni hari ni. Takpe takpe, kita tau.” Makes one wonder why the police know of the “operation”, but they don’t carry out an operation to catch those snatch theives themselves.

And then the perception is that these theives are actually sons of high-up people. Maybe some Datuk’s son, or some Police Inspector’s son. And well, the officers who actually DO catch these theives will “get into trouble” if they were to mess around with them. So might as well sit and not do anything.

But they can’t very well really just sit and do nothing. So they catch the illegal workers who do commit petty crimes. Why catch these and not the other offenders? Well, the perception is that someone will *pay* to get these workers out of detention, or the police will ask that the theif share his spoils in order to go free.

Now. How true all this is, no one really knows. But that’s what my dad came home and told me. And it’s the “perception”. But for as long as crimes are as rampant as they are, with people snatching handbags on motorbikes in broad daylight, these perceptions can only change with a drastic improvement of safety, and a drastic drop in crimes.

6 Comments on “The ‘perception’ of crime”

  1. huichek says:

    Crime rate..I don’t think so..You have to live in Malaysia to experience that by yourself..Just to give a few example:

    (i) Rape/ Molest cases have been reported nearly everyday.Victims range in age, and the perpetrator may be ranging from someone’s father to security guard.What is really happening in Malaysia??Are these people so desperate until they have to commit this sort of crimes??

    (ii)Snatching is surely rampant nowadays.Women have been advised not to wear any valuable jewellery, and always be careful with their handbags whenever they are out for a stroll.When you don’t have any sense of security even in your own neighbourhood, you will start wondering what happen to the police. One thing that amuses me though, is how police force that has moved away their base from the infamous Petaling Street-since they say it is dangerous.So if police are abandoning their work due to danger, what should we, the civilian do or how we should react in times of danger?

    (iii) This is nothing related to your post, but its what I think is becoming more and more serious. The number of illegal immigrants in our country is on the rise, and this certainly require greater attention. In fact, the one of the reason Sabah Progressive Party defected from the current government id because of this – government has not make any serious effort to address the problem. It is indeed disheartening, being threatened by foreigners in our own country. I have heard of stories from my fren in KK, how these ungrateful bastard uses violence to extort money and wreck havoc in our country, and I myself have seen it firsthand..

    With all these crimes on the rise and criminals on the loose, how are we supposed to feel secure?We are constantly living in fear, have to be wary most of the time and are always vulnerable to crime..With all these happening it is indeed amazing that the government still have time to deal with ‘petty’ issues..the people are losing confidence..
    And that is partly why I wrote this post. Because I think Najib’s wanting us to “change our perception of crime” is baseless, because people need to feel safe. At the moment, what I’m hearing from friends and family in Malaysia is that they don’t feel safe, at all.

  2. huichek says:

    and yeah talking about najib, I think he always sprout nonsense. I never really pay any attention to what he says now..Just recall the time when he ask us to change our lifestyle, be more prudent in our spending so as to cope with the slow economy growth..and at the same time his wife is spending like crazy..I think we should have him experience everything himself. Then he will know what is really wrong with our country. Throw him for a walk at petaling street without any bodyguard, and I bet he won’t dare to come out ever again..haha..Honestly I am a bit concerned how our country will turn out to be with him on the helm..It’s just a few months away from now… 😦

  3. Drachen says:

    Reminds me of the story of this zealous young cop who raided a brothel and found his boss there. He was subsequently transferred to the polis hutan. Heeheehee!

    Yup, Malaysia is a really safe place. That’s why so many of us are living in “gated” communities.

  4. Jarod says:

    Do not even talk about safe. I was almost rob behind my house, my house was broken into for 4 times, some relatives of mine was snatched in front of my house, etc.

    Safe? Change our perception? Why not he change ? Innocent people all Kena Kao Kao!

  5. asiseesit says:

    It’s always the same strategy when the government gives out assurances to subdue the public concerns. more often they selected countries which are lower statistically compares to any issues.

    petrol prices, poverty rates, education standards, wealth distribution, foreign indexes, crime rates, food prices, inflation, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. it is always comparison after comparison.

    You hear the same thing about comparison time after time but yet they offer no solution to the problem itself. they have been doing this for so long and getting away with it that of late, unable to tackle criticism and defend themselves effectively from the opposition. none of them could ever back up their findings or offer comprehensive justification when questioned further.

    what they are doing is just compiling a list of data which even college students are able to do with nothing else to assure the general population of rectification or long term remedies to resolve anything at all.

    there were no thru ought studies of the implications or indepth research. these people just don’t do their homework as ministers and civil servants.

  6. Joe says:

    The police or just you the people.

    Hi all,

    …now the real incident. Experienced in person.

    In september 2007, I had to board a “Yellow” malaysian bus in Singapore with an Indonesian friend to Larkin, Johore Malaysia to link up for golf.

    This happened on the second lap i.e. from Johore customs point to Larkin, Johore.

    An old chinese man in the bus two seats behind me on the left suddenly was harassing and was trying to dislodge a young, tall and strong Malay guy from the seat. This old chinese man’s action was aggressive and all the time he was making sounds normally of the deaf and dumb.

    There were enough passengers occupying nearly all the seats. More than half of these were young chinese men and women. But only one malay looking guy was trying to push away this chinese old man.

    This went on for quite some time.

    I was taken aback that no body else was extending any help in the situation. I kept ringing the bus bell. The chinese driver ignored and carried on driving.

    I got up and first tried to restrain the chinese old man.

    This old, deaf and dumb guy was visibly very upset. My first thoughts were he was mental. But he continued to sign with his hands and continued to show me his empty side and back pocket.

    Then it struck me why the malay fellow, was still refusing to budge from his seat while the old, deaf and dumb chinese man was giving him such a hard time. He could have stood up.

    I took the malay guy by the collar and heaved him away from his seat. There in the seat was the old, deaf and dumb chinese man’s wallet.

    Not until after I (the stupid killing kwei) got off the bus at Larkin was i given a lesson on why I should not have involved myself and why the brave chinese in the bus … brave in numbers looked away while someone and worst their own kind, old, deaf and dumb was being ripped off.

    I have the book “The Rape of Nanking” by Iris Chang. December 1937 was the day it happened. Nearly 90 years ago.

    Six months after having finished writing the book Iris Chang shot herself. Wonder why ?

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