What next, Zaid?

Zaid Ibrahim has been “fired” from UMNO. According to reports, the UMNO Supreme Council decided to sack Zaid after he made an attendance to the PKR Congress during the weekend that just passed. According to Pak Lah (Malaysiakini, with subscription):

“There were wrongdoings by Zaid as he was seen in the company of the opposition leaders. This is something which is against Umno ethics.”

I think maybe his latest appearance at the PKR Congress was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Ever since quitting from his position in the Cabinet, and later from the Senate, Zaid had been hinting that he *could* join Pakatan Rakyat, though he has always maintained that he was “still an UMNO member”.

So now that he has been sacked from UMNO, and has no avenue to appeal the decision, what will be his next step? Will he finally be joining Pakatan Rakyat? Or will he decide that this is the end of his political career?


3 Comments on “What next, Zaid?”

  1. Pat says:

    I doubt he’ll feel this is such a big loss. It’s the other way round, I should think: their loss of a rational-thinking and caring man – with kahunas of steel 😉

    I’m thinking there’ll be lots of offers coming his way. Which one he choses to accept – that’s what’s going to be very the-interesting for me, wan!
    Read from Rocky’s Bru that Zaid is “fine” with the decision. Will definitely be interesting to see what he does after this.

  2. bangmalaysia says:

    UMNO’s loss is Pakatan’s big gain!
    Wonder when he’s gonna announce it?

  3. asiseesit says:

    he owns the largest legal firm in malaysia with a staff of 130 including offices in singapore, indonesia, thailand, vietnam and most of middle east countries.

    why is he creating attention to himself deliberately in this manner? he was a hopeful potential when he won the kota bahru seat in 2004.

    i have my suspect of his intention because of late, and since being dropped as a candidate in this year GE 2008, his popularity appears sky rocketed for the wrong reason and not based on his performances.

    what have he really done for the people of kota bahru when he was the MP from 2004 – 2008?

    i’ve respected him previously when he spoke up about the ISA and then subsequently his resignation. seem like someone considers promising, is garnering support in the wrong way. his previous publicity includes being “most promising” in the Economist and named one of four malaysians by Forbes “interesting philanthropists in asia”.

    it may be pakatan’s gain should he decide to join them and looking at the scenario, that is the most likely possibility.

    but pakatan don’t need an “icon” right now. what the rakyat need is result with definite proactive processes if they are going to take over. his joining of pakatan, though i will not object, will only add to a glossier foundation with renew credibility that he will have to show from scratch once there.

    just what is his gameplan?
    About him owning the legal firm. I’m not sure, but I thought there was some news about him quitting, or something like that. Not sure.

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