Nazri calls PPP “beggars”

I read this piece of news on Malaysiakini HERE:

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz launched a verbal tirade against PPP, calling the Barisan Nasional component party, among others, as ‘beggars’.

So I was left wondering, what else did Nazri say? Later in the same article, it states:

Mstar today quoted Nazri…

So off I went to Mstar, and the related article is HERE. Excerpts below:

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz berkata, Menteri Dalam Negeri dan Perdana Menteri baru-baru ini sekali menegaskan bahawa ISA tidak akan dipinda atau dimansuhkan.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister recently stated that the ISA will not be amended or repealed.

“Ini bermakna sama ada hari ini atau sebelum pilihan raya akan datang, kita tidak akan pinda.

“This means that whether today or before the next general elections, we are not going to amend.

“Jadi saya nak tanya PPP, apa tunggu lagi? Keluarlah… jangan nak mengugut.

“So I want to ask PPP, what are you waiting for? Leave [Barisan Nasional]… don’t threaten.

“Kalau kita ni nyamuk, jangan nak mengugut gajah. Jadi jangan cakap banyak, keluar sahaja,” kata beliau ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen di sini, hari ini.

“If we are mosquitoes, don’t threaten the elephant. So don’t talk so much, just leave,” he said when met at the Parliament lobby today.

Nazri berkata, kehadiran PPP dalam BN tidak menguntungkan memandangkan parti itu kalah satu kerusi yang diperuntukkan kepada mereka di Perak pada pilihan raya umum lalu.

Nazri said, PPP’s existence in BN is not beneficial as the party lost the one seat that was allocated to them in Perak during the last general elections.

“Kehadiran mereka dalam BN menyusahkan kita. Umno terpaksa mengorbankan satu kerusi untuk mereka iaitu di Bukit Gantang untuk memberi peluang PPP bertanding di Taiping.

“Their existence in BN is cumbersome to us. Umno had to sacrifice one seat for them, which is the Bukit Gantang seat to give PPP a chance to contest in Taiping.

“Baru ni kita buat lagi, mereka kalah kerusi. Jadi, apa untungnya kehadiran mereka dalam BN kerana mereka hadir atas simpati kita saja.

“Recently we did this again, and they lost the seat. So what is the benefit of having them in BN, because they are only here out of our sympathy.

“Jadi peminta sedekah, jangan nak mengugut,” katanya.

“When a beggar, don’t try to threaten,” he said.

I find this highly amusing. Really. Funny, even.

I mean, to say that the ISA won’t be amended while BN is federal government, so PPP can leave if they want to, is one thing. But to call PPP mosquitoes and beggars, and say that their existence in BN is menyusahkan is quite something else.

I was talking to my dad that day about PPP and Kavyeas threatening to leave the BN coalition if the government does not amend the ISA before the next general elections. And I was telling my dad about how Pak Lah said that there would be no amendment, so PPP can leave if they want to.

My dad said, Kavyeas won’t leave BN so easily. It took him forever to get PPP into BN, so he definitely won’t go out now.

Well, I don’t know about that, but I too have my doubts about whether PPP would really leave BN.

But I think Nazri has really upped the ante here. His words are definitely not the sweetest things to hear, and won’t go down well. But will this be enough to give that final push? Will PPP really really leave the BN coalition?

I think not. The Malaysiakini article above also carried some of PPP’s reactions to what Nazri said:

Murugiah [PPP Youth Chief] said it was best for parties in the ruling coalition to resolve their differences in the spirit of brotherhood and concentrate on battling the ‘real enemy’ – Pakatan Rakyat.

“We admit that BN has done a lot for the people and the PPP as well. But I think it is wrong for Nazri to describe us as beggars,” he told Malaysiakini when contacted this afternoon.

Murugiah said PPP did not intend to threaten anyone and claimed that the issue could have been misinterpreted by certain quarters.

“Maybe our intention was misinterpreted. Among BN members, there should not be any misunderstanding. We in BN are like brothers,” he said.

Looks like nothing is going to come out of this “threat” after all.


8 Comments on “Nazri calls PPP “beggars””

  1. jebatmustdie says:

    Dear Michelle,

    In my honest opinion and observation, I sense that the BN is quite disjointed since Pak Lah took over. Pak Lah’s style is to let things run by itself. That is a mistake. It’s purely human issue. We can’t possibly let everyone to just do whatever they want. That would spell disaster in a multiracial country. That is why, we need a concerted effort, a continuous multilateral discussions ALL THE TIME.

    That is what the weekly meetings in BN are for. I wonder what the leaders from the respective parties are talking when they see each other in those closed door meetings.

    It really made me wonder why the heck M Kayveas would have blurted that statement. He already knew the BN stand. He is part of the BN machinery. That means, if we are working in an office, we must know the set laws, the code of conduct and the culture of that office. M Kayveas is behaving like a petulant child. Didn’t he put forth any suggestions during any of those meetings?

    And if he did, wouldn’t they discuss that agenda further? To achieve a unanimous vote to agree or disagree? That was the spirit of BN where you are united in spirit. Any detrimental issues brought forward from each party will be discussed in length just to get everybody’s satisfaction.

    But to say something as sensitive as appealing an important law to the public like that will surely draw some negative comments from the BN itself.

    I really do not understand his motive. The only logical thing for that debacle is to get more political mileage from his supporters.

    Because, BN as a whole can discuss abt this behind closed door. And Nazri did not help either. Naturally, as the major party in BN, he needs to stamp out authority on any dissenting voice that had gone against the voice of collective responsibility. You mean to say, if a staff in an office do not agree with the rule of a company and had in fact blackmailed the company at the same time, what would be the reaction of the Human resource Dept?

    But Nazri also should not have publicly displayed his tirade. That is what the BN meetings are for. Dish it out in there. They can scream to each other till the cows come home in there.

    This lack of cohesiveness is one of the main legacy of Pak Lah’s approach. Like the Tunku had said in his book ‘Political Awakening’ – it is very difficult to administer a multi racial, multi religious country like Malaysia. You need a strong hand and a level head to do it”.

    And this PPP and Nazri was not the first. We can still remember many instances where a fellow BN party leaders having a verbal spat among themselves in the media. BN have to get their act together. Because this lack of cooperation is getting contagious too. We can see it among the PR coaltion as well.

    My take here is, any party within the BN needs to be aware of the collective responsibility and also all of their collective decisions.

    One thing I know about the previous administration during Tun’s time, he would always insist on having meetings among the leaders. Almost on weekly basis. They would trash out differing views there and then. And ultimately, a unanimous decision must be made. Unanimous. Nothing less than that. But those who champion a certain issue must argue it well and defend their decision so that other people who did not agree to it will understand why it needs to be done and then can also help defend that decision should it be under attacked by outsiders namely the opposition.

    This gives out a perception strength. And that is why the govt can progress without dilly dallying on petty issues like arguing over blackmails and mosquito party in public!

    Thank you for the opportunity Michelle. Good post on highlighting the spat between those two.

    Thank you.

  2. huichek says:

    hahaha it has been said that people from the government are often misquoted, or that they are good at ‘twisting’ their words..PPP is a really small party, and it is safe to say that their presence or absence won’t be felt much by the ruling coalition..Indeed it is as you said, PPP will not leave BN easily…this dramA ENDS just like threaten the government, we need more powerful parties, perhaps MCA and Gerakan to do it..but oh well, the gov is firm with their decision, so as long as ISA can ensure their reign, it will stay and it has to stay!

  3. We really have some low class ministers. How sad.

    The Malaysian Explorer

  4. Drachen says:

    PPP won’t leave BN even if they get kicked in the bola. That’s the impression I’m getting.

  5. Paul Warren says:

    “Almost on weekly basis. They would trash out differing views there and then. And ultimately, a unanimous decision must be made”!

    How unanimous was the decision on teaching of Maths and Science in English across all schools?

    Is there a unanimous position right now amongst all the leaders of BN on this matter? Yet everyone complies!!

    I think it is possibly more accurate to say that every other BN leader is only too eager to posit a position that acquiesces to UMNO’s wishes.

    When Nazri says racist 41 times and yet Sothinathan is the one punished, there is certainly a very incestuous relationship that is going on that MIC would allow such a thing to happen.

    As a leader in a component party you survive by appeasing and pleasing the UMNO leadership. Obviously Samy Velu does it best. And he continues to commit to serve and be servitude to UMNO.

    Kayveas is now in a situation where he knows his political prospects in the BN are zilch. Similarly the prospects for his party too are thinning by the day. If there is such a thing as a party philosophy that members subscribe to they’d probably find greater likeness and commonness with those in Pakatan Rakyat than they do in BN. For all I know, PPP would not dare publish its true membership strength anymore as it is most likely most of PPP’s members are now with Pakatan already.

    What have PPP or Kayveas to lose? Indeed they, and he in particular, may just have something to look forward to if they quit the BN now and worm their way to Pakatan.

    Nazri was just being typically brutal. But at least he was honest. PPP’s leadership has been the dishonest operator here.

    You threaten when you have leverage. When you have nothing at all and are there by the grace of your masters, you serve like a slave if you still want to hang around. Is anyone tying PPP or Kayveas to the BN or UMNO?

    I think PPP and Kayveas have only discredited themselves totally and this is good enough to make sure I dedicate myself and my energy to reminding Pakatan and Anwar to not to accept these guys into their fold. they are after all nothing but losers.

  6. Hidup Tuah says:

    Afternoon everyone,

    I think what the commentor above (huichek)is saying was quite confusing. Maybe because he was confuse himself. He said ‘to threaten the govt, we need more powerful parties, perhaps MCA and Gerakan to do it.’ That is where huichek got it wrong. MCA and Gerakan ARE the govt. How can they threaten themselves? Same goes to PPP. They are also part of the govt.

    It is the act of threatening oneself is what made the BN a joke in the eyes of the public like me. Like what Jebat said above, any differences, you settle it among yourselves in a closed forum.

    The ISA will stay because it is the collective decision of the govt! MCA, MIC, Gerakan included! There is no ‘chinese wall’ in the govt because they (the political parties) are part of the collective group.

    People need to learn more about the mechanism and the framework of the govt before making hasty conjectures.

    Thank you.

  7. Gadfly says:

    I do not know how the PPP party is going to face such humiliation. Nazri could be telling the truth, calling a spade a spade. How PPP is going to reclaim dignity?

    Mencius, the greatest disciple of Confucius, once wrote of how favour is being given in a contemptuous way: There was a famine in China. A hungry and tattered beggar came, and Chien-ao( a wealthy landlord) with food in one hand and drink in the other called “Come and get it” glaring arrogantly at him. The beggar said,”It is because I do not eat food given this way that I have come to these straits.” He refused the food and died of hunger.

    The moral of the story is that human dignity is more important than mere physical survival.

    Nasri’s comments reflects a deep-seated mentality that tends to dehumanise the weak, that the great unequal power relations in BN dehumanise not only the oppressed but the oppressor. PPP could not hope to free themselves from humiliation other than to get out of the systemic oppression.

  8. ISSUE:
    Will the amendment take place before the next general election? whats the excitment now! any one can call names… the norm is ‘it takes one to recognise another’ … ten days in politics is too long.


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