A. Asohan: Enough is enough

A. Asohan writes on what he thinks about the “war” in Gaza. He starts off with:

OKAY, time for a rant. Don’t expect a well-reasoned argument or a nuanced stance. Don’t even expect coherence or professional wordcraft here. Forget about journalistic objectivity or a professional code of ethics, seeing both sides of the story or walking in another man’s moccasins. I don’t care about the supposed political complexities, cultural sensitivities or historical subtleties.

Not when you start killing innocent people. Especially not when you start killing children.

And he ends with:

This is not an issue about religion, despite how some are painting it. No, neither are these atrocities against the Muslim world, despite what some politicians say. Such beliefs have led to a mess of misconceived statements and intentions, such as boycotting American products or sending in the troops to fight for a regime that doesn’t have an exactly spotless conscience either.

No, this is a humanitarian issue. It’s as simple as this: There is a bunch of people killing children. What is the world community – what are we – going to do about it?

Read the full article HERE, if you will. If you won’t, still read it anyway.


7 Comments on “A. Asohan: Enough is enough”

  1. Antares says:

    Re-read the Greek myths: the old gods like Chronos, Zeus & so on on thought nothing of devouring their own children. If humans were created in the gods’ image, then we probably are demon spawn, after all, and not actually “divine” – at least not until we repudiate the cold-blooded predator instinct in our chromosomes and reprogram ourselves from scratch according to a much more humane & civilized blueprint.
    I think I get your drift. 😉

  2. Drachen says:

    In movies, when the bad guy grabs a kid, the great American hero grits his teeth, waits patiently for the right moment and gets his man without harming the child.

    In Palestine, when the Palestinian militant grabs a kid, the great Israeli hero blows him away along with the entire school and all the other kids with it.

  3. Café Paris says:

    PEACE for the people of Israel and Gaza please, The peace can win !

  4. cendana287 says:

    A. Asohan – This is someone who almost always see things clearer than the average person. Maybe it has something to do with the type of person he is…

  5. Gladfly says:

    Antares wrote ‘…at least not until we repudiate the cold-blooded predator instinct in our chromosomes and reprogram ourselves from scratch according to a much more humane and civilised blueprint.’

    I am not sure what paleontological and anthropological evidence Antares used to support the above claim, unless the biological and computer language are used as metaphors or rhetorics.

    Explaining the current Israeli-Gaza conflict as being rooted in predator instincts would absolve the moral responsibilities for the war crimes of the political and military elites, especially that of the Israeli side. Predator instinct could not be put on trial.

    A distinction should be made between the human instinct of the biologically adaptive defensive aggression and that of malignant aggression of destructiveness and cruelty(Erich Fromm, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness). The defensive aggression of the human species when survival is threatened has evulutionary value.

  6. Gladfly says:

    (sorry for accidentally sending uncompleted writing)

    However, indiscriminate killing has nothing to do with instincts. The war machinery and propaganda have been consciously and meticulously thought out and calculated to inflict the utmost suffering. All the social, political and military conditions are man-made.

    Fromm wrote that ‘the more primitive a civilisation, the less wars do we find. The same trend can be seen in the fact that the number and intensity of wars has risen with the development of technical civilisation; it is highest among the powerful states with a strong government and lowest among the primitive man without permanent chieftainship.’ So, we can see the level of ‘civilisation’ of the Israeli society.

    Europe suffers from the guilt of the Holocust and they condone what Israeli is doing. However,at least some Europeans are changing their perceptions and sympathy for the creation of the state of Israel.

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