What’s with the pig head?

From Malaysiakini (subscription required):

A Universiti Malaya student was shocked to discover a pig head placed on a PAS flag in a surau located in the Islamic studies academy.

This unprecedented incident comes as students from both the anti-establishment (pro-Mahasiswa) and pro-establishment (pro-Aspirasi) factions gear up for the Jan 19 campus polls.

My father always tells me, to see where our country is headed to, just look at the quality of students we have in our tertiary institutions, and you should have a fair idea of what lies in our nation’s future.

Frankly, being in the golongan belia myself, I’m not seeing a particularly bright picture being painted.

I mean, seriously. A pig head, in a surau no less, and in the Islamic studies academy!

Campaigning for campus polls shouldn’t be this ugly. In fact, NOTHING should be this ugly.

So. What has gone wrong?


5 Comments on “What’s with the pig head?”

  1. Jarod says:

    The head gone wrong. As simple as that. They have been in their own circle for too long that the exposure is limited to a certain degree. Short sighted. 🙂

  2. cuddlyfamily says:

    it would take too long to answer that question.

    on a PAS flag no less. What are they trying to say?


  3. Paul Warren says:

    However hostile the UMNO led BN government has led a Malaysian non-Muslim to become with his or her Muslim counterpart, this is not an act he or she would contemplate.

    Question is if this has anything to do with the KT by-elections. Maybe, frighten off the Malays who see DAP chumming up with PAS maybe….

  4. huichek says:

    Someone enlighten me..What could this possibly mean? Is it supposed to be some hostile threat towards PAS? Is it done by some BN-obssessed individua;..And if that is, who did it?This is such a controversial issue..I mean seriously, this is too much! University Malaya has had this kind of issue for far too long already.. Remember in year 2002, few students burned down the main hall of the campus? wt* are these students were thinking seriously? I am at lost of words sorry for my aggressive behaviour but as a fellow university undergrad in USM I am deeply appalled by how our country’s products are portrayed! Think before you do anything, think of the people! We are the future leader! Is this the mindset you are supposed to show to the world??what more from one of the supposedly ‘top’ university?!

  5. Gladfly says:

    A macabre image of animal sacrifice has surfaced in this university student campaign. Bloody rituals are more associated with secret societies involving with protection of turfs like prostitution, drugs and arms sale. A dead or mutilated animal thrown at the enemy’s territories means warning or declaration of turf war. But, this is a student society.

    It is certainly a violent action – a pighead in an Islamic environment. It seems wanting to provoke retaliation through shaming the opponent.

    Such behaviour is a symbolic representation of certain ideas or ideology that could not be articulated or debated in a healthy or conscious way. A beheaded pighead symolises a violent death. But, does this reflect the death of the sense of self of the perpetrator? And what type of culture would help to incubate such aggression?

    What has gone wrong? There can be biopsychosocial (biological, psychological and social) causes. No one perspective is sufficient to explain. But, anyway, this shows that the studying environment in UM can be quite dehumanising or humiliating. This could be the results of dyfunctional social policy at large.

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