Kuala Terengganu votes

Today is the day that Kuala Terengganu voters will be going out to cast their vote for the second time within the time-frame of one year.

During the last elections, the Barisan candidate won by a slim majority of 600+. I say slim, considering that the total number of registered voters amount to more than 80,ooo. That makes out to only a 0.7% majority. Stats can be found HERE.

I don’t do political analysis very well, and not being there only adds to my incompetency of writing much about what I think it’s going to turn out like.

Simply said, I have no idea what the results tonight will turn out to be like.

Is the so-called “Chinese swing” as important as some make it out to be? Will the so-called “Malay votes” be split 50-50?

I’ll be waiting up tonight to catch the final results before ending my day. And though I have no idea what the general vibe is like all the way back in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, I’m hoping to see PAS win the seat this time, and with a higher majority than just 0.7%.


4 Comments on “Kuala Terengganu votes”

  1. Patricia says:

    Hi dear,

    We are always down to ‘race’ stats in times like these, yah? But you’re right, it’s the Chinese swing that’s gonna matter. But I think that the Malay/Muslim factor is going to be a big deal too. A lot will ride on where they decide to ‘swing’ as well!

    Fingers crossed, yah?


  2. Short Talker says:

    PAS has won by a majority of 2,631.

    So, anybody volunteer to sponsor badminton racket to all BN MP?

  3. jonathan says:

    Praise God and Thank Allah. BN thought they could win by turining KT by-election into a ‘buy-election’ which turned out to be a ‘bye-election’ for them! see http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  4. hakim says:

    Mengapa orang mempertikaikan Hukum Hudud. Ianya hanya berlaku kepada orang-orang yang mengakui Keesaan ALLAH SWT. Sama juga Undang-undang Tentera hanya berlaku kepada Anggota-anggota ATM. Pekerja -pekerja awam ATM sendiri tak tertakluk kepada Undang-undang ini. Lagipun Undang-undang dan peraturan ciptaan ALLAH yang tentunya maha ADIL. Yang peliknya manusia-manusia yang engaku beriman kepada ALLAH yang nenolak nya.

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