What comes after KT?

There are a whole lot of articles being written about the aftermath of this by-election in Kuala Terengganu. What’s going to happen? What does this mean to Najib and Barisan Nasional? Does this reflect the overall feelings of the general public in the whole of Malaysia?

Generally, what does this win by Pakatan Rakyat mean to Barisan Nasional?

I’m curious about one thing.

What does this loss mean to the government?

By “the government”, I mean the ruling establishment. The thing that “supposedly” keeps the country running.

The BN candidate in this by-election was a senator. He was also Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. He quit both those positions to run for this by-election, and lost.

Now, in order to continue running the country, Barisan Nasional has to choose someone to take that empty seat in the Senate. They also have to fill in that empty seat in the Cabinet.

I doubt Wan Farid would be re-selected. So Barisan Nasional will be choosing someone else to make the numbers in Senate.

It’ll be interesting to see who they choose to be the next Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. Would it be “Abdullah’s man”? Or “Najib’s man”? Not that I would know the difference, but I think it’d be interesting to find out.

3 Comments on “What comes after KT?”

  1. Antares says:

    What happens after KT? Those of us who cherish the unwritten code of honorable conduct and wholeheartedly yearn for regime change (that is, replacing a dysfunctional, diseased and debauched bunch of arrogant, money-grubbing, heavy-handed hypocrites with a team of natural leaders brimming over with energy, enthusiasm and receptive to new ways of problem-solving; and who appear a great deal more open to feedback and seem much more committed to democratic ideals; and who, above all, have shown by their dedication over many decades that they better understand the meaning of “public service” than their predecessors)… well, the winds of change now fill our sails and we can proceed out of the doldrums that hit us shortly after Permatang Pauh when Anwar’s hopes of taking power were temporarily thwarted. Stay tuned for fresh developments in the Altantuya trial, Michelle! Azilah and Sirul aren’t going to the gallows quietly πŸ™‚

    Ah, the Altantuya trial. I’d almost forgotten about it, though I doubt others, especially your good self, would be as forgetful. πŸ˜‰

  2. huichek says:

    haha we I think we are just too concerned of what kind of a person who will be helming this country, Michelle. I just think that the truth won’t be hidden for long, unless he is really good in scheming (which may be the case haha).the people arent dumbass ya noe?
    Back to KT aftermath discussion, somehow I’ve kinda predicted (hehe) it would be PAS victory, be it a slim margin or huge majority, it is still a victory (W-I-N)! now what does this tells us?

    -BN has still, some influence in Kuala Terengganu
    -There has been a lot of dispute as to which side the Chinese stands. Honestly I don’t think the Chinese votes affect much, but think of it like this, if lets say the Malays are equally divided between PAS and BN, then the Chinese votes will be of concern. You see, its only a difference of 2000+ votes, so maybe it is us chinese who influence the result of the by-election. Interesting, this shows that basically most of the Chinese have swinged to PR. Still Ong Tee Keat refuse to admit defeat and what he says in the newspaper really amuses me : chinese votes have increased -show their support-we must work hard.. pehh….
    -wan farid will get out for sure..but well, anything happens this march, when najib goes up. he can re-elect anyone he likes right?
    -I WANNA CALL FOR A SNAP ELECTION!SNAP ELECTION!lets see what has changed over the year..
    -don’t wanna be a jerk but i hope somehow in a way or another some of these BN-led state will have by-election like KT..hhehe..let’s see how strong BN stands now..

    this comment is purely my own view on the matter.. πŸ™‚

  3. VoiceOfPolitics says:

    Just wish to share this information with you.

    Firstly, Wan Farid will not be reappointed as Senator. It’s unconstitutional since Federal Constitution clearly stated a person can only appoint twice as Senator.

    Wan Farid was re-appointed on Dec 14 2008, and he resigned before went for contest in by-election.

    Next, Deputy Minister is not in the cabinet. Only Ministers do.
    Thank you for the information. Appreciate it.

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