Questions, questions..

I have this habit of asking too many questions. That’s what I’ve been told. I look at it as being more of a good habit, than a bad one.

At this point in time, I’ve got a few questions running through my mind, though targetted at no one in particular. Simply because, I’m not sure who has the answers.

I read HERE that the Malaysiakini photographer was questioned by the police yesterday following a report that he made about his tape of the Abolish ISA vigil being tampered while under police custody.

Questions that follow my reading of this piece of news: (1) Why did the police arrest the photographer, who was clearly on an assignment? (2) Why did they need to take the camera, when just taking the tape would have sufficed? (3) What exactly happened to the tape? (4) Who tampered with it?

I asked the same questions when I first read and wrote about it HERE. The same questions that remain unanswered till this day.

And then of course, in the same Malaysiakini article from above, it states that the 23 people who were arrested during the night of 9 November 2008 while attending the vigil, and who were released later that night without charges, are going to be charged this Friday.

Again, questions are floating through my head. (1) Why the mass arrest? 23 people?! (2) Why arrest them during this vigil on the 9th of Nov, when previous vigils went on without a glitch? (3) Why are they being charged now, after more than 2 months? (4) Why such short notice?

And since we’re on the topic of these Abolish ISA vigils, I’ve got some other questions as well. (1) Why are the police only arresting those who attend the Abolish ISA vigils, and not the Pro-ISA protesters? (2) If the arrests and charges are for “illegal assembly”, then are we to assume that all Pro-ISA protests are “legal”? (3) Why are Pro-ISA protesters allowed to wear their T-shirts (“Yes to ISA” and the sort), while Abolish ISA T-shirts are not?

These are but a few of the questions that come to mind. I have plenty more where those came from. But, most importantly, will I – will WE – ever get an answer?

Somehow I’m reminded of a quote from Alfred Tennyson:

Someone had blundered:
Theirs not to make reply
Theirs not to reason why
Theirs but to do and die.

I wonder how much of that rings true.


3 Comments on “Questions, questions..”

  1. Crankster says:

    Probably won’t get an answer to those questions, simply because there aren’t any. But you need to ask those questions and all those others around the country too, or else we’ll never move forward.
    Yea. I reckon we should never stop asking questions, ever.

  2. Paul Warren says:

    Now, unless they are all preoccupied dealing with vigilers how else can they enable the deterioration of the crime scene that is being played out in places like Damansara Heights and Bangsar? Yesterday’s Malay Mail carried news of callous slashing of a foreigner walking to his house in upscale Bangsar, and all for his back pack containing his lap top.

    Charging them now out of the blues when they were more or less given the assurance the case will be dropped, at least that is how I understood it, looks like taking revenge after the loss of KT. After all they do know of the presence of the bloggers and PJ vigilers at the KT hustings.

  3. Drachen says:

    Asking questions is a GOOD habit.

    Let me attempt to answer some of your questions. The cops were given a simple instruction – stop the vigils. But they don’t really know how to do it. These are not criminals. So they have to be creative. First try A, then B, then C … And you as an onlooker gets puzzled. Why are they doing this or that? They are fumbling and bungling because they are trying to do something the law doesn’t empower them to do.

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