No name-calling, please

From Malaysiakini:

An articulate Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin revealed his combative streak and colourful vocabulary today by challenging Umno to a duel.

“If Umno is jantan (a man) then battle it out with Pakatan Rakyat through elections,” was his challenge.

Tapi Umno dayus dan pondan sepenuh pondanya,” was his conclusion during a press conference at the menteri besar’s official residence this evening.

I happen to think that Barisan Nasional SHOULD “battle it out” with Pakatan Rakyat through elections. That’s how it should be done if we claim to practise democracy.

But hey, lay off with the name-calling.

Since when did being jantan have anything to do with “battling it out”? And since when did people who refuse to “battle it out” become pondans?

This is bad form.

10 Comments on “No name-calling, please”

  1. anakpakross says:

    Hey and this comes from a PAS guy who preaches Islam, a religiion of peace. So what does that tells ya! Please don’t go and blame the religion. Religion has nothing to do with it. It’s all about politics, and people.

  2. cendana287 says:

    The demonstrators In Kuala Kangsar after the Friday prayers – This one will hurt PR a lot more in the near future.

    While the PR blogs had focused on the FRU tear-gassing the crowd, little is mentioned about a few cars being stopped by the mob and threatened. One of that has Raja Nazrin in it.

    Now this is someone who was seen as a “modern, forward-looking royalty” – especially by the PR. After being harassed and threatened by the mob, would anyone really blame him should he be inclined to place more faith in Umno & Najib to protect the royal institution than on PR and Anwar?

  3. jarod says:

    He cannot take it d lah… being cheated of what that had been promised. Try to be in his position and I bet it may be more worst from us. Even I have been cursing too much Vulgar words that i am now learning to control my temper. Sigh.

  4. stcin says:

    So..SO if u slap my kanan, i offer my kiri dgn sukarela lah!!

  5. Gadfly says:

    There is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is biological whereas gender is culturally constructed.

    ‘Jantan’ refers to birth sex. ‘To be a man’ is a cultural concept.

    What do we mean by “Be a man” or “We are men, not women”? All civilisations, all historical epochs and all cultures, the dominant feature is that men, especially young men, manifest much higher degree of violent behaviour than women, perhaps 2 to 5 times. This is not just a biological but cultural question.

    The use of the transgender expressions possibly suggests prejudices or stereotypes. But, Nizar throws the chellenge of battling out in democratic elections. He does not reduce the fight for democracy to a simple test of manhood. What he practically says is “Don’t be a coward. Don’t hit below the belt. Don’t use Machievalian trachery.”

    Be a a man means not just courage but honour. The code of honour demands fair play. Otherwise, the prize of winnining is despicable.

  6. mimi mh says:

    Lets translate the statement…

    UMNO should fight like a MAN and not like a WIMP!!!

    Fight with honour and dignity and not in such a vile evil filthy way as what happened in Perak.

    I dont think it is that bad..what he said considering how he was humiliated and treated and barred from his own office. It was disgraceful and spiteful, typical UMNO style.

    We, Malaysians now live in a country of no honour, no dignity….

  7. anakpakross says:

    Is it not amazing when people can contradict themselves in one breath of speech? We value honour and dignity BUT name calling is not bad. We should be civilised but that other side we call evil and filthy. Why the double standard? Two wrongs don’t make a right my dear. Ya go and rant as you like BUT why drag the country as without honour and dignity? Is our country that bad? Turn the flag upside down, burn the flag, and you can still smile. Yet we say ‘The Country’ is without honour and dignity? … quick, find the mirror.

  8. Gadfly says:

    Offensive name-calling should be discouraged in discussion as it prevents dialogue. However, naming something as it should be encouraged as it reveals the truth or falsehood or illusion.

    We tend to use general names to cover a wide range of things or people.For example:

    ‘I have a pet.’
    ‘What pet?’
    ‘A dog.’
    ‘What breed?’
    ‘A black and white dalmatian with spots.’
    ‘Is it a black dog with white spots or a white dog with black spots?’
    ‘A black dog with white spots.’
    ‘Why don’t you just tell me that you have a white-spot black dalmatian dog?

    If we start asking more and more specific questions on ‘Malaysians’ as above, then we can explore into the feelings and thinking behind the abstract labels.Otherwise, we could be arguing against a straw-man that we create.

    This is equally applicable to the word ‘fairness’. Human beings go through the processes of moral reasoning from toddler to adulthood. A kid also has his/her own version of fairness, of my toys. An adult could have a healthy way of looking at the world with the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ perspective. But, an adult could also get stuck with his toys, when he is unable to look beyond his systems of beliefs – my race, my religion, my party, my government, my country.

    The mirror of human rights would protect us from falling into tribalism.

    The mirror of universal compassion would protect human beings from falling into human-centerness – human beings are the center of universe.

    If the mirror reflects certain things that we are uncomfortable with, do we have the impulse to smash the mirror?

  9. Mmmm says:

    I agreed with you,

    There should be no such act coming from PAS, we must show even UMNO respect.

    “My god does not want me to hate others just for the sake he is not having the same belief as I do”

    If what BN did was wrong, we will have the chance to fight it later. Until then be patient and refrain from calling names, it is forbidden in our religion.

  10. zewt says:

    agree… should not let emotions over rule you…

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