A final word or two

There are some things in life that take precedence over other things in life. And at times they collide.

This is such a time for me.

I have very much enjoyed reading and learning about different ways to view certain issues from the various comments that have come my way. Sadly though, this may be the last post in this blog for a long time.

I do hope, however, that I’ll be back soon. And perhaps I will. With a stronger understanding of everything that goes around.

Until then, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has read this blog, and contributed their thoughts.


19 Comments on “A final word or two”

  1. Dear Michelle,

    I know what you mean…and I can imagine how you feel…but I hope you will continue …I know you will. I was off the grid for two weeks and I felt as though part of me was missing. And when I came back, I looked at life and blogging differently…

    Sometimes, we come to a crossroads and painful decisions have to be made. Maybe this is one of them. If it is, I am sure you have the fortitude and resilience plus strength to withstand the pain of this decision…..If it was not a painful decision, I am glad for you and I support and respect your decision. I just want you to know that I hope you will come back as and when you feel like it…and that your blog will always be in my blogroll just as you are always in my heart…

    Take care and God bless you…


  2. walski69 says:

    Being that I, too, have had to go on hiatus (more than once), I fully understand where you’re coming from.

    That said, the lucid and intelligent insight that you’ve never failed to provide will be missed.

    Do what you gotta do… priorities and all… but do come back, at some point when the situation allows…

    That said, Au revoir… not goodbye 🙂

  3. Oldstock says:

    Well Michelle, maybe a break is what’s needed. I have enjoyed reading your views and opinions too.

    Gonna miss you. Take care.

  4. anakpakross says:

    Take care and all the best in your studies! Its been a pleasure…

  5. Paul Warren says:

    Hi Michelle,

    So abrupt??

    Whatever it is its been a pleasure reading your take on issues. More so meeting with you. Hope we can meet again when I am there next time….maybe May!!

  6. LV says:

    Dear Mitchell

    I really enjoy reading your blog but Why?I guess I have to respect your decision.Any way I will continue to bookmark your blog until you write again,Take care

  7. bangmalaysia says:

    Gonna miss u like crazy but I hope to meet u on facebook. My blog is also kinda down except for a few articles recently.

  8. Gadfly says:

    There are times for the flowers to blossom in spring,
    there are times for the snow-flakes to fall in winter.

    There are times to be socially engaged,
    there are times to be socially detached.

    There are times to do good,
    there are times to stop evil.

    There are times to take care of others,
    there are times to take care of ourselves.

    There are times to shoulder the family and society’s burden,
    there are times to let go.

    There are times to do scholarly studies,
    there are times to do social work.

    There are times for political activism,
    there are times for spiritual contemplation.

    There are times for being an obedient citizen,
    there are times for being a conscience objector.

    There are times to play the roles,
    there are times to be our own authentic self.

    There are times to argue and debate,
    there are times to keep silent.

    When is the time?
    Nobody knows –
    except the authentic voice in us.

    Wish that silence is the next stage of growth.


  9. Antares says:

    Yup, blogging soon becomes an all-consuming passion and can take over one’s life. The last two years have been an exciting process, learning to navigate the blogosphere and carve a niche for myself. I don’t regret becoming (almost) a full-time blogger – I view it as “national service” 🙂 I do hope you’re taking a break because exams are coming up… and NOT because somebody advised you to keep your pert young nose out of politics! Let us know when you’re back, OK, Michelle?

    Astral hugs xox

  10. cendana287 says:

    It’s sad when someone stops blogging. And especially someone like you, whom I see has been consistent and level-headed throughout, with genuine open-mindedness and with no deceit or hidden agendas (I can spot that after a few weeks).

    However, I fully understand your decision – I’m having such thoughts too (to pull out of the second, nonsensical blog; not “Recovery”, which is “Life”). I hope you’ll be around to Comment at the blogs – your perspectives are always looked forward to.

    Take care.

  11. KC says:

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. -Martin Luther King, Jr.”

    You quoted this.

  12. Azer Mantessa says:

    i just found you 🙂

    in case this old man don’t leave long enough, hope this parting is well made then 🙂

    wish you all the best 🙂

  13. Patricia says:

    Hello Michelle,

    I’m sad to hear that you’re closing shop for now. But I am sure you have your reasons – and we’ll all respect them.

    But I don’t believe you’ll be gone forever. No way. I think you’ve been bitten by the bug, so you’ll be back.

    If it is not in a blog, we’re gonna see you SOMEwhere! That’s for sure. And I’m positive about that!

    Stay cool, sweetie. And be good 😉

    I’ll miss ya!



  14. Neoh says:

    Michelle, your purity of thought and your innocent inquisitiveness have always guided your search for justice and fair play.

    I will miss that rare quality in you.

    Weird, isn’t it? How can I miss someone when I don’t even know them.

  15. jarod says:

    Be back soon after you acquire the tools to knock some sense in Malaysians life!

    No worries, be happy!

  16. It is sad to see u depart and to see you deciding to be silent about things. A lot of people linked you up in their blogs, websites. Please do email me if you intend to start a new blog abandoning this one for whatever reason.

  17. I am an 67 yr old man, dear Michelle. Hv read many blogs but found yours special. You are open-minded, level-headed and consistent. You have my greatest respect. I hope that you will not take too long a break cos i shall be waiting for your return. I hope you will not disappoint me before i leave this place. Please drop me a line when you do come home.

    Have a good time and Thank You for eveything.

    Please take care.

  18. PL says:

    Just do what you think you gotta do.

  19. Scott Thong says:

    I can still contact you, right?

    I just did up another One Piece post… If you ever stop by to check your comments, hope you can enjoy!


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