This one is for Eli

Much has been said and written and blogged about what happened to Elizabeth Wong. Her privacy was invaded, photos of her taken without her consent, and have been publicly circulated.

Most people have commented that she shouldn’t have tendered her resignation. And perhaps she shouldn’t have. I’ve read testimonies about her being an excellent representative of the people, and that she has served the people well.

I just wish to express my support for whatever decision that Eli has decided to make. It’s a traumatic experience to have one’s privacy invaded. But to have this showcased for all to see is to throw salt to the wound.

Though I cannot say that I understand everything that she might be going through emotionally, I can understand that it is not easy. And if the decision to resign was entirely her own, she has my support.


One Comment on “This one is for Eli”

  1. alfred says:

    Is quite hurting to me as well when the incident happen to her.I am quite sad because we have excellent person like Eli to serve Malaysia & the people.Is all in a sudden that we have people around bethray us.What is wrong with the people.I am very sure that that person/party will be severly punish by their act.Is very terrible……

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