Pewaris: Batalkan status warganegara mereka yang buat permintaan melampau

Found this on The Malaysian Insider HERE, with my English translation following the excerpts:

Rakyat negara ini yang kecewa kerana permintaan melampau mereka tidak dipenuhi oleh kerajaan diminta berpindah ke negara lain yang mungkin dapat melayani permintaan tersebut.

Citizens of this country who are disappointed because their unreasonable (I can’t seem to find the suitable word to translate ‘melampau’) demands are not being met by the government are asked to move to other countries where there is a possibility that these demands would be met.

Sehubungan itu juga, Penasihat Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris), Dr Ahmad Zaki Ismail menggesa kerajaan membatalkan status warganegara mereka yang tergamak membuat tuntutan yang bertentangan dengan semangat Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

In relation to this, Dr Ahmad Zaki Ismail, the Penasihat Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) urged the government to revoke the citizenship of those who dare to make demands that go against the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

Langkah tersebut katanya, mampu membantu negara untuk mencapai gagasan 1Malaysia yang dicetuskan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

This step, he said, would help the country achieve the 1Malaysia that was launched by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

This, to me, is a permintaan melampau.

Is citizenship so trivial?

Is the 1Malaysia that Pewaris envisages, one that is homogenous? One that only recognises people who have similar thoughts and opinions? One that revokes the citizenship of her people whenever they are in opposition with the government?



6 Comments on “Pewaris: Batalkan status warganegara mereka yang buat permintaan melampau”

  1. Dear Madam,

    You wrote:

    “Is the 1Malaysia that Pewaris envisages, one that is homogenous? One that only recognises people who have similar thoughts and opinions? One that revokes the citizenship of her people whenever they are in opposition with the government?”

    I believe that a Malaysia that is homogeneous and uniform in thought & opinion is also the goal envisaged by deminegara’s 1 school project. He & his friends even regularly make it a point to derogate the Malaysian-ness & patriotism of those who oppose them. Their term for such people is “Fake Malaysians”

    I still believe that their project is based on false premises & victimises Malaysians. We who genuinely want 1 school for all would do better to base our efforts on honesty & fairness to all.

    Just wanted to share my opinion,

    Malaysian Heart

  2. donplaypuks says:

    Melampau – excessive/unreasonable.
    Thank you.

  3. Paul Warren says:

    There is this unspoken presumption here that is being perpetuated and promoted by the likes of Perwaris, Demi Negara and such. There is this assumption that there are two kinds of stakeholders here in Malaysia. You have the landlords and you have the lessees.

    The landlord defines the terms of the lessee’s stay. They even ignore the lessee might just have a right to peaceful stay and enjoyment of the lease.

    The landlord is not necessarily homogeneous, DNA wise. Its really got nothing to do with blood or lineage. Its got to do with conformity. Language and Religion. That is why Indian Muslims, better known as mamaks, are today UMNO leaders and they seem more than any other “Malay” to want to define the Malaysian identity and character. They want to be more Malay than the Malay that I have known from the time I was born. Never mind that they have a stronger tie to India and their Indian relatives than the majority of the Indians in Malaysia.

    Then you also have the Indonesians, like Syed Hamid, the former Home Minister, or Khir Toyo whose parents migrated to our shores from Indonesia. (Hey, both my parents were born here long before their parents landed on our shores o.k.)

    If you were to look at the behaviour of these “new Malays” it does not even lend anything to the description of the genuine Malays who have been here like forever. The Kelantanese for instance.

    But never mind. You will see that basically there is this attempt that is going on now that there are some who have assumed the position of landlord, “having seized it from the genuine original owners” and they are laying out rules about the tenure of the non-Malays in this country. Like making it seem as if we can never really be “Malaysian”. Never really claim ownership of our own destiny.

    Sadly what these guys are hiding from the rest of the world and to themselves is that because they are themselves bankrupt of ideas, they rely on something like this to promote themselves. You see if you want to play the “game”, you got to be first perched up a platform. And when all the other platforms are taken up you build your own.

    • 007zain says:


      I believe the “landlord” title is literally “thrown” by DAP. If one is Malaysian enough, he/she’d know that the Malays, for centuries, have never been as such.

      The meaning of ketuanan in the Malay’s context is simply like “ketuanan Cina in China”, “ketuanan India in India”, or even “ketuanan French in France”. It is simply like that where all those Natives/orang Asal/Pribumis have like their “unspoken HAK” on their respective “lands”.

      Please correct DAP’s “twist”. Thank you.


    • Gadfly says:

      The race concept as we experience is a concept of power relations – unequal power realtions. It is not a biological or anthropological concept. Neither does it have anything to do with culture or religion or language. Nor anything to do with historical truth – who landed in Malaya first. Nor geographical localities of human gentic variation. The essence of the race narrative manufactured by the dominant political elites is nothing but grabing and maintaining of power. All talk of race, religion, culture,language,history are wayang kulit.

      This is a trap, a trap by these ‘reasonable’ individuals to lead us into arguing with them with reasons. Superficially, they appear to use all rational reasoning,all the modern language of ‘spirit of the Federal Constitution’ and ‘citizenship’. This is poppycock. They don’t mean what they say. Whatever they claim of is untouchacable. They are in fact untouchable by moral reasoning which has been frozen in times past.

  4. BrightEyes says:

    Ah, the same old “GTFO if you don’t like it” arguement.

    Let the ballot box do the talking…

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