Not “pondan” again..

I came across this article on The Nut Graph HERE. Excerpts:

“THE Barisan Nasional (BN) should change its name to Barisan Pondan (faggot)!” bellows Penang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chief Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim to the 5,000-strong crowd in Jalan Berapit on 23 May 2009.

The audience applauds the Bayan Baru MP, and emboldened, he goes on to repeat this homophobic epithet three times in the campaigning for the Penanti by-election. “They are pondans because they are afraid to contest here in Penanti,” he says.

This is not the first time that I’m reading of Pakatan Rakyat politicians resorting to calling Barisan Nasional “pondan”. I wrote about one other incident HERE.

There is a need, I think, to stop this ‘culture’ of resorting to underhanded tactics of putting the ‘other side’ down. And this is doubly insulting because it also shows how insensitive and homophobic some politicians really are.

I honestly do not see a need to be calling Barisan Nasional ‘pondan’. It is, whether we like it or not, a very derogatory term used by conservatives to describe effiminate men. And by conservative, I mean the kind of people who don’t tolerate people who are simply sexually different.

I will not read too much into this. The article from the Nut Graph linked above did mention that other politicians from PKR have stood up to say that it was wrong of Zahrain to say what he did. I do hope, however, that they are not merely paying lip-service, and are truly looking into this seriously. We cannot afford to have politicians who go around calling people “pondan” every time there is a dispute or disagreement.

Homophobia, as with other kinds of discrimination, is nothing to laugh about.


Postscript: ‘Pondan’ does not translate into ‘coward’. If Zahrain thinks that that’s what he means, then he is implying that effiminate men are cowards. And that is homophobic.


6 Comments on “Not “pondan” again..”

  1. Oldstock says:


    I have always contended that what one politician say of his opponent can be applied the other way round, without much loss of accuracy. Zaharin calling UMNO pondan is just the same as UMNO people calling Anwar Ibrahim with a series of deragotary terms.

    And now we have Azmin Ali calling Aminah a perempuan ronggeng. That’s one red mark for you Azmin, in my book.

    These pricks are all playing to the audience with no strength of their to show. But then again, politics has never been a clean game, has it?

    • Michelle says:

      Hello Oldstock

      I’m glad you picked up the point about Azmin Ali. I’ve previously found him quite eloquent, but as you’ve said, his remark about Aminah was definitely uncalled for, and is also a red mark in my books.

  2. Crankster says:

    I did not expect you to carry those views about ‘pondans’ and whatnot, but I completely agree. The PKR politicians are stooping to the levels of BN.

  3. anakpakross says:

    Hmm what else is new. One thing I have been saying all along, it is just not right to ask people to support you by using abusive and profane words. Regardless which sides you are from.

    It is unfortunate that in almost all blog sites, all those that claim for change, fairness, correctness, bla bla bla, are just full with supporters casual with name calling and vulgarities.

    Even leaders are also responsible with this act. ‘Celaka’, ‘lebih teruk dari komunis’, ‘minah ronggeng, ‘samseng’ … I bet you can find a lot more.

    We must not just stop all these name calling. All the baseless accusations also contribute to people’s trust and respect for your perceived fighting for a better Malaysia.

    Responsible reporting, fight for what is right not for just any party, let not anger and clouded emotion creep into your uttered words, report wrong doings with factual evidence, work towards a positive outcome and not further confusion to the people at large, … are just but some of basic common sense values which we try to promote but are hardly practiced by the very people who champion it. Is it not true that respect is something you gained and not demand!

  4. Saint says:

    That Z is turning into a major embarrassment for PKR.

  5. Paul Warren says:

    When you have nothing much to say of and for yourself, then talk down the other chap. Happens all the time whether in politics, family squabbles, office politics as well as elsewhere.

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