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A few days ago, there were several comments, 3 to be exact, that were posted on this blog, under this post HERE. Scroll down to find them under the handles vesewe, miya, and coolooc.

When I read these comments, I was left considerably shaken. I do not agree with the type of language used, nor do I appreciate the kind of vulgarity being so generously used on one particular ethnicity.

However, I decided to allow those comments in the end, because I had not explicitly noted on this blog that certain comments would be censored.

Now, I was prepared to actually ‘let them off the hook’, so to speak. Somehow I think that it’s inevitable that we have certain characters who are adamant about remaining small-minded, and refuse to engage in meaningful dialogue and debate. So I was actually willing to ‘give some space’ to these characters, with hopes that this kind of thinking will die a natural death.

But when I found out that coolooc’s comment on this blog was an exact replica of one that was left on THIS blog, I realised that what I had initially (perhaps also rather naively) believed to be a genuine (albeit irrational) outburst is actually not as simple as it seems. I am not one to indulge in conspiracy theories, but perhaps there really ARE people who are just out to spread ill-will and hatred.

With this, I think I am going to put my foot down, and say that from here on, comments that are aimed or targeted at insulting ANY group of people will be deleted from its existence on this blog.

Comments that run counter to my own opinions and views have always been welcome, and I still welcome such comments with an open mind.


Postscript #1: I have grouped the three different comments from my previous post because they were posted within minutes of each other, and with the same IP address.

Postscript #2: Perhaps this posting reveals my naivete when it comes to dealing with the ‘big bad world’, but that’s me. I’ll learn as I go.Β  πŸ™‚

Postscript #3: If there is any feedback regarding my decision to filter incoming comments, whether you think it is a good or bad decision, please do leave me a comment. It is much appreciated.


11 Comments on “Comments on this blog”

  1. Paul Warren says:


    Unfortunately some just don’t know how to control themselves when in the solitude of their own world wiht their fingers doing the talking. I just saw another of these kind of idiots going by the monicker Warrior 231 on rocky Bru’s blog. Why Rocky would permit such comment is a wonder when in that case there is a clear libellous statement against a named person. So don’t beat yourself silly for having let this one through. Next time just don’t give them space. After all if a vulgar grafitti was painted on your wall, yo’d wash it off or paint over it soonest possible. And this is your wall!!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    It’s comments like those that allow others to say things like this (from a comment left at my blog):

    … “With this kind of hatred spewing vibrantly from non Malays, what do you think that the silent majority ie. the Malays should do? sit tight and let others insult and degrade them futher and further? If you (and your kind) say that KM and his commentators are racists, then I say only a racist (or racists) would know another racist (other racists) …It is the law of the jungle Malaysian Heart, you get what you sow, tit for tat, so now you people will have no choice but to swallow the same medicine that your kind had forced down on the Malays of Malaysia. What is wrong with that? Freedom of expression, right? Isn’t that what you people had been shouting about? Or freedom of expression is applicable exclusively for Pakatan Rakyat…

    Don’t talk about the Malays being racists when your kind had been provoking the Malays for a long time ..

    Yeah, go check all those anti Malay portals that you mentioned like MT, Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider….etc ….I bet you, you won’t take a long time to see all those anti Malay/Islam comments/posts…..Just hope that the non Malays in Malaysia have a bit of a good grey matter and think before they write or say anything.. If they keep on provoking the Malay masses with more and more fiery, degrading and condescending comments/posts, then there will be repercussions. Every action has a reaction. What I can see is that the Malays are becoming more and more fed up …. Have you ever wondered from where the word “amok” comes from? from which language?”…

    I really wonder what “vesewe, miya, and coolooc” really want to achieve? I believe that the fact that this person uses many different identities to post all over the blogosphere, suggests that it is more than the rantings of a racist.

    My own blog has seen such “false flag” activity, although not overtly racist as those here. These two comments were made from the same ip address within an hour of each other.

    I believe that such attempts should be exposed, not to harm the commenter by exposing his/her identity, but for the benefit of genuine commenters & visitors to realize that someone is trying to manipulate their opinions.


  3. MD says:

    You are correct to moderate. Those comments did not and will not yield any betterment for this world.

  4. Drachen says:

    I won’t leave such racist comments on my blog.

    As a Chinese, I apologise to the Malays if the source of the hate was a Chinese.

  5. Oldstock says:


    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everybody learn something everyday. Sometimes we learn things the hard way. But the important thing is that we learn, and we learn fast.

    I’ll just touch a bit on the comments issue. Comments from the three (or perhaps one) persons you have mentioned are clearly from prejudiced individuals. No need to resort to vulgarities to put across your view. Allowing such comments to be viewed will only prompt the low-minded people from the other side to retaliate… leading to a vicious circle. By all means disagree, but do so with decorum.

    The are all sorts of people in this world (real and virtual). Some people talk a lot but what they say aren’t worth sh*t. Just be aware of that and you should be okay πŸ™‚

  6. Pat says:

    Hello dear,

    How sad to hear that your blog was soiled by these idiots. Sigh. I agree with you that they might be just one idiot posing as three.

    But I moderate my blog and don’t allow this. Once, I had this idiot write pages of government-bashing that had nothing to do with my post. I just pressed ‘delete’ without a second thought!

    So moderate away lah. If you don’t like the fler, just erase him. Or her. If only you could do it for real!

    Bigots and others who thrive of prejudice and inciting hatred add nothing to our lives. I for one, won’t weep if they’re no more.

  7. Paula says:

    Hi dear Michelle,

    Don’t worry, my dear. Not worth it being shaken by these characters.

    But by all means – be shaken by brilliant exam results ok?

    If ever you encounter such comments, don’t even read them – waste of time..and I agree with Pat – click delete and then enjoy a cup of tea πŸ™‚ and write a good story :-).

    Thanks for your comment this morning re Tuesdays with Morrie …I love that book so much. Have you read “Marley and Me” and “The Last Lecture”?

    Take care, dear Michelle. You are a fine young lady who will be a force to be reckoned with one day …

    Keep in touch ok?


  8. lee wee tak says:

    Maybe Awang Selamat wrote that 3 comments using different names and to practice his Eng-ger-lish.

    The writer(s) could also been involved in the May 13 thingy since we know it is human nature that once you tried something nice, like the forbidden fruit or marijuana, they go back for seconds or 3rd. Sorry, mate, the silent / sensible majority won’t fall for this kind of crap anymore.

    Can you envisage the Malay middle classes working in government offices, Petronas, Telekom, Syabas, Ahmad Zaki Berhad all throw down their laptops, blackberries and what not and start running amok like they did 4 decades ago? Maybe some junkie who does everything and anything for RM50 or RM100 but every society has its low life that is not worth saving….

    If Awang Selamat & Co. thinks so then that’s the measure of progress under BN rule according to BN supporters for you.

    Take Awang Selamat and the commentator(s) who leaves no name and place’em next to Najib while our PM raise his rallying call, “1MALAYSIA.” What a sight!
    I have no idea where you’re coming from. Nor do I have any idea what you’re on about.

  9. Gadfly says:

    Blog should be a safe place for commentors to voice their opinions. If the posts are harassing, threatening, abusive or vulgar, be it of ethnic,racial,national, religious, gender, sexual or personal insults,all should be subjected to a banning procedure.

    The deep-seated prejudice and attacks on core identity need to be checked there and then.

    Racial prejudice are rather pervasive in our society. However, the once rare hate-filled speeches are now getting more common with internet. Organised hate groups, though small in number, could destroy the democratic space.

    Anti-discrimination acts or anti-hate crimes regulations are yet to be legislated. So far, we have not heard anything that the government has collected or published any data or stats on hate-crimes or hate-speeches. Hate pays? Especially to keep those in power? Or rise to power? In conflicts, it is the innocents that pay.

  10. Junah says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I noted that similar comments were put in a number of the blogs that I generally read e.g Eyes Wide Open. Anyway, one commentor (Xvendatta) said that “Cooloc n konek not nonmalay. Both are same ppl. IP addy same same as a DNkey”.

    Apparently, there are some racial aggitators out there so you just have to be careful. Also note the IP addresses, as they will probably be the same and just delete such nonesense.


  11. Jarod says:


    Regardless of any race, there are people who hated others. It is your RIGHT as a blogger to see what is good for your readers as well as your reputation that you would like to project in this blog.

    Thus, if you would like to see harmony in this blog, do what you must do to remain it. πŸ™‚

    There is no “naivete”! Only a lesson to be learn and be wiser each day! Keep on learning and writing! πŸ˜€

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