Pakatan’s shadow cabinet

It’s long overdue, I would say. Finally, Pakatan Rakyat comes up with a shadow cabinet, something I reckon they should have done eons ago, especially considering the fact that Anwar once proposed to take over the government, and also the fact that they have a total of 80+ representatives in the Parliament.

The full list, in table form can be found on Nat’s blog HERE.

I will not comment much on the appointments, as I don’t know enough of the strengths of most of the MPs. However, I do think that having Fong Po Kuan in the Ministry for Women, Family and Community Development seems to be a good idea, as from what I’ve heard and seen, she’s a strong voice, and that’s precisely what we need at this time.

I find Zulkifli Nordin’s inclusion in the shadow cabinet rather unsettling, given his previous track record of storming into the Bar Council debate. I also find it difficult to understand why till this day he has not been met with any punishment from the party, even though it has been reported time and again that the Discipline Committee is supposed to meet with him and decide on what they would do with regards to the same event mentioned. PKR would do well to remember and keep in mind that not all people are ardent supporters, and not all of us have short memories.

There is also something else that I find rather odd. Previously I had always imagined that PR’s shadow cabinet would be something similar to the Cabinet we have in power today. After all, that’s what shadows are supposed to be. So I’m not quite sure of the reason behind them choosing one representative from each party to take part, so to speak, in each ministry.

Perhaps one out of the three would be named Minister, and the other two would be Deputies, should the time come that they truly take over the reins. I don’t know. I’m just saying, I find it odd.

Postscript/Correction: Just read that it is in fact not a shadow cabinet, but shadow ministerial committees that are being formed. Read HERE. So if what’s being formed are ‘committees’ as such, then I guess it makes a little more sense.

I’m reminded, however, of a quote I read somewhere: A committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing but collectively meet and decide that nothing can be done.

Just being cheeky. =)


Still. Great to know that Pakatan Rakyat is finally getting along to doing something. It’s a start.

Now let’s see those shadow cabinets ministerial committees really work.


2 Comments on “Pakatan’s shadow cabinet”

  1. It’s been awhile since i’d been here.

    Shadow Cabinet or Shadow Ministerial Committee, it’s certainly good news. Unless that ‘cheeky’ parting line of yours holds true 🙂

    What else to say, at long last…

    Would like to hear your view on the Penang Kg.Buah Pala’s issue, if you have one.

    Take care ya. Cheers and a good weekend to you.
    I haven’t been following closely enough the issue in Kg Buah Pala to make comments. To me, it’s all politicking. But thanks for being interested in my views.

    • The issue is discussed here if you’re interested and Penang CM LGE’s comments can be read here (incidentally caught his words on the local tv news last nite).

      Something else for you to read:
      High Income & Hard Work and

      Wages, Productivity&The Ringgit

      Although i have my reservation about Vision 2020 being achievable from the way the country is heading at the current rate, but these two articles do make a lot of sense in how we should strive for progress both as human beings and as a nation.
      Thanks for the links. Will be checking them out.

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