Things I’m shaking my head at..

These days, there seem to be quite a number of happenings that, when reading news about them, I just shake my head silently.

Like the decision to scrap the PPSMI. I was just thinking about my cousin who is in Form One this year. He’s been studying Maths and Science in English for the past 6 years, and will continue to do so up till Form 3. Then when he enters Form 4 in 2012, and assuming he goes into the Science Stream, and assuming that there is no drastic change to the education system, he’ll be learning Fizik, Kimia and Biologi, instead of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Add on top of that Additional Mathematics, which is already difficult enough without needing to juggle again the terms from English to Bahasa.

And then there is Muhyiddin saying to the voters of Manek Urai that they have to vote Barisan to get a new bridge. Since when did holding the voters ransom become the smart thing to do? Why should anyone be punished for exercising their right to vote? And if that new bridge is really necessary, why is it that Barisan is refusing to build it unless they get voted in? Read Nat Tan HERE.

Also the Kampung Buah Pala thing. It’s so all over the place, I’m not even sure I know what’s really going on. Who owns that plot of land in the first place? Who are the people living there? Have they been paying rent? Are they legally allowed to stay there? Who sold the place to the new “owners”? It’s a plate of spagetti there, and I’m not getting anywhere near it.

But surely the one that takes the cake is this piece of news I got on my email today about two people being detained for trespassing Universiti Malaya. It reads exactly like what Nat Tan has posted HERE. I’m not sure if what Nat is saying is true, which is that the duo have been detained for trespassing the Islamic Studies area as non-Muslims. Apparently non-Muslims, aka Chinese, are not allowed there. From the original email that I received, which Nat posted verbatim after his comment, it only mentions that they intended to go into the building, but does not mention that it is because of the reason stated by Nat that they got detained.

But no matter what the reason, that the duo got detained for trying to enter a public university is outrageous to say the least. (It mentions that they were detained under Penal Code 447, which is criminal trespassing). Like Nat, I will be following this issue very closely to see what comes out of it at the end. But I have to say, at this point, I am only capable of shaking my head.

One Comment on “Things I’m shaking my head at..”

  1. Antares says:

    When you’re done shaking your lovely head, Michelle, consider lobbing a heavy-duty COSMIC LOVE GRENADE into Putrajaya – blow these neanderthal nincompoops to Agent Smithereens! Yup… as predicted by so many… the forced entry into power of Naif Ton Rasa has plunged the nation into apocalyptic times. Admittedly I was unplugged from local politics between 1992-1999 (no phone, no electricity, no newspapers, no TV, no radio, pure bliss! :-)… yet the current political atmosphere is so dense and dark and suffocating it actually feels worse than the late 1980s when Mahathir was on the rampage with his Ops Lalang! Suggest you stay put in Kiwiland till the Giant Shit Shovel we’ve ordered arrives…

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