My condolences

This post may be coming a bit late, considering that the tragic death happened a couple of days ago. There is already so much being written everywhere about Teoh Beng Hock’s untimely death after questioning at the MACC office, I feel that this late post might not even matter. But still, my deepest condolences to Teoh’s family.

I have given myself some time to absorb what has happened to this 30-year-old man, very much just reaching the prime of his life, having planned to get married and start a family, and having what should have been many more years ahead of him. Now that his life has been cut short so suddenly, leaving behind his would-be wife, pregnant with their first and only child, one can only hope that the family he left behind finds the strength to overcome this very sad occasion.

I will not speculate about the cause of his death. Whether I believe that he committed suicide, was murdered, or that this was a case of pure bad luck and accident is not important. What I believe is not important. But I do think that what the family believes is important.

At this point, the authorities have the responsibility to answer to the family that Teoh left behind. Teoh died while still in their premises, though he was found on the roof of the building next door. And the authorities owe it to Teoh’s family to carry out a full investigation, if for no other reason than to help them come to terms with his passing.

Teoh’s family would do well without politicians from either side playing politics during such a sensitive time. Neither accusations of foul play, nor complete denial of the same is going to do the family any justice.

Like I said, what I believe is not important. But it is of extreme importance that the family gets closure. And it appears that only a fully transparent investigation with nothing held back can give this to them.


Postscript: There is a civil society joint statement on the People’s Parliament HERE. I would like to make known here that I fully endorse the said joint statement.

Postscript #2: I’ve just found out from Haris’ blog HERE that the blogger Ancient Mariner has just passed on. Al-Fatihah.


One Comment on “My condolences”

  1. Jarod says:

    The late exco aide surname is Teoh, not Teo. Some media mistaken it.

    On his death, MACC will have to answer how it can happened before their building.
    Thanks for the correction.

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