1Malaysia camp?!

From The Malaysian Insider HERE:

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin plans to introduce an annual 1 Malaysia camp for students to instil a sense of unity in them. The deputy prime minister and education minister said 1 Malaysia was one of his four key performance indicators (KPI) for the Education Ministry.

“In this camp, I hope that the eight values of 1 Malaysia will be learned and planted in all the participants and therefore help push the concept of 1 Malaysia and the national education philosophy,” he told the audience at a workshop on the Education Development Master Plan (PIPP).

I don’t know what to make of this.

What is this, if not another National Service? And why do we need this 1Malaysia camp, if NS is working like how they say it is?

Sometimes I don’t know what our Education Ministers are thinking. How is it that an annual camp is going to instil a sense of unity? How? If the sense of unity is not already in them, how is an annual camp, which I doubt will last any longer than the December holidays, going to solve matters?

I’m actually cringing at this moment, thinking about the possibility of yet another rashly made policy that doesn’t go through the necessary steps of proper discussion. Sometimes just discussing the objectives is simply not enough. Do they ever discuss the implementation?

We need not look too far. We can just look back at the number of sub-standard camps that our 18-year-olds had to go to for National Service. I’m pretty sure that not too long ago some buildings built as an NS camp collapsed. And then there are the numerous food-poisoning cases. How about the deaths? The ‘rumours’ of trainers acting unprofessionally?

Obviously, despite all good intentions that the NS might have, implementation has been anything but satisfactory.

But I digress.

Back to this thing about the 1Malaysia camps. I think it’s an idea that is a complete waste of time and money. It’s one of those ideas that you have a single look at, and throw promptly into the rubbish bin. It just isn’t worth it.

I’m at a lost on what to say, really. Because frankly speaking, I just think it’s a stupid idea that’s heading in the wrong direction. If unity is important to the Education Minister, which I think is great, I think he’s looking at the wrong place for the solution.

There is a solution to be found if the Education Ministry would just look closely enough at the present education system and identify the problems that form the roots of our present dilemma. It’s all there. They just need to have vision, to look further than the next general election, and simply have a heart for the future generation.

Seriously, 1Malaysia camps or whatnot are just not going to cut it.


Postscript: Just imagine the amount of money that’s going to be dumped onto this idea. The amount of contracts going out to companies to provide lodging, food, clothes, laundry etc.


3 Comments on “1Malaysia camp?!”

  1. mh says:

    And have the national service camps not killed enough of our children. They had better not use this hairbrained scheme and the guide of this pseudo 1Malaysia for their crony business deals and little else. What are we turning into? N.Korea? With flag waving automaton children glorifying the dear leader. Spend some of our hard earned taxes on teacher training instead.

  2. MELAYU says:


  3. Kaizen says:

    1malaysia is just a BN jargon and the fact that the main stream media playing to it and the numbers of people got conned by it is simply unbelevable (merdeka survey say 70%).

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