Police shoot dead yet another individual

Some time end of last year, I posted a short note about how the police force shot dead suspected robbers. The IGP was then quoted to have said that people should support the police, and if we question the shooting, we are supporting the criminals. He was also quoted to have said:

They should surrender if they do not want to die.

We are not a country suffering from war. Our police force should not be shooting to kill.

Today, I read yet another news article about how a ‘suspect’ was shot dead, this time a 15-year-old boy. Article can be found on Malaysiakini HERE. It is said that Aminulrasyid was ‘attempting to ram into the police’. But to quote his mother:

She also questioned why the police could not merely stop the car her son was driving, as “there was no proper reason why the police had to shoot.”

Was there a need to shoot at the driver? Are our police so ill-trained that they do not know how to stop a car without harming the driver?

To put a hypothetical question across: What if the police are chasing down a car which brakes are malfunctioning? Do they also shoot the driver because they think he/she is ‘dangerous’?

How many more lives are we going to lose to such ridiculous circumstances?


6 Comments on “Police shoot dead yet another individual”

  1. oxymoron says:

    Moral of the story: Always move v e r y slowly around these trigger-happy folk.

  2. Pat says:

    We’re so like the Wild Wild West over here, eh? I’m glad you’re safe over there!!!

  3. Antares says:

    The boy was too young to have a driver’s licence. That’s probably why he panicked when he saw a police patrol car and tried to escape. We have poorly trained cops who have been indoctrinated to serve only their political masters while lording it over the unarmed public. Their egos are so insecure they take everything as a personal slight. These are all symptoms of the unviability of the feudal mentality in modern management. Time to stuff feudalism in the museum, folks.

  4. Pat says:

    Yes, Ant, that’s what I felt, too: he panicked because he knew he had no business driving that car. I don’t know what he may have been doing, or whether he was an angel or not – but that’s the ‘why’ of it, for sure.

    And yes, we need better trained cops. Who can correctly read a situation, and know when it warrants taking out a gun to shoot. And I’ll never believe that this situation was one that warranted … how many shots did I hear were fired? 15 or somewhere near that number! What is that saying?

    And yes, it would seem that everything we do and say is a personal affront to them, doesn’t it? No constructive criticism, no discussion, no compromise on how to work things out.

    You’re complaining, eh? I’ll pull all my men off the streets.

    Lordy, lord, I can’t but agree with everything you’re saying, Ant!

  5. Strat says:

    Moral of the story is.. why shoot the driver of the car?? and the police could shoot the driver of the car might as well THEY SHOOT ALL THE MAT REMPITS AS WELL!!!

  6. zewt says:

    actually, the malaysian public in general are already aware why some ppl are shot, whether they are deliberately shot, whether it’s an accident, etc etc.

    all these media generated from this particular incident will not change this country a bit. probably create a few more awareness, but no end result nonetheless.

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