What comes after KT?

There are a whole lot of articles being written about the aftermath of this by-election in Kuala Terengganu. What’s going to happen? What does this mean to Najib and Barisan Nasional? Does this reflect the overall feelings of the general public in the whole of Malaysia?

Generally, what does this win by Pakatan Rakyat mean to Barisan Nasional?

I’m curious about one thing.

What does this loss mean to the government?

By “the government”, I mean the ruling establishment. The thing that “supposedly” keeps the country running.

The BN candidate in this by-election was a senator. He was also Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. He quit both those positions to run for this by-election, and lost.

Now, in order to continue running the country, Barisan Nasional has to choose someone to take that empty seat in the Senate. They also have to fill in that empty seat in the Cabinet.

I doubt Wan Farid would be re-selected. So Barisan Nasional will be choosing someone else to make the numbers in Senate.

It’ll be interesting to see who they choose to be the next Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. Would it be “Abdullah’s man”? Or “Najib’s man”? Not that I would know the difference, but I think it’d be interesting to find out.

PAS wins KT

From Malaysiakini:

9.10pm: According EC official tally: PAS (32,393 votes), BN (29,969), Independent (191) with two more boxes to be tallied.

(2,424 majority)

From Malaysian Insider:

9.05pm: After 141 of 144 boxes counted, BN 29,862 votes, Pas 32,225, Ind 190. Majority 2,363.

From The StarOnline:

Result after votes from 140 of the 143 streams have been tallied:

* Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh (BN) – 29,530 votes;

* Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut (PAS) – 31,912 votes;

* Independent candidate Azharuddin Mamat – 190 votes.

(Majority 2,382)

From Anil Netto:

2105: Pas leads by 2,424 in the official tally, with two boxes left. It’s impossible for the BN to catch up.

From Haris Ibrahim:

9.08pm Update

The team at the PAS IT centre has reported that the tallying process has stopped as PAS has declared victory based on unofficial reports that PAS has won by a majority of 2,616.

The numbers on the various sources don’t really tally. Probably the numbers were taken at different points during the count, as it is still on-going. But generally, it appears that PAS has won the KT seat!

Great news for me!

Good night people.

Kuala Terengganu votes

Today is the day that Kuala Terengganu voters will be going out to cast their vote for the second time within the time-frame of one year.

During the last elections, the Barisan candidate won by a slim majority of 600+. I say slim, considering that the total number of registered voters amount to more than 80,ooo. That makes out to only a 0.7% majority. Stats can be found HERE.

I don’t do political analysis very well, and not being there only adds to my incompetency of writing much about what I think it’s going to turn out like.

Simply said, I have no idea what the results tonight will turn out to be like.

Is the so-called “Chinese swing” as important as some make it out to be? Will the so-called “Malay votes” be split 50-50?

I’ll be waiting up tonight to catch the final results before ending my day. And though I have no idea what the general vibe is like all the way back in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, I’m hoping to see PAS win the seat this time, and with a higher majority than just 0.7%.