My condolences to the family of Roslan Shaharum. His passing on was very unexpected. Many have said it to be ‘divine intervention’, considering the political climate that looms over Perak at the moment.



Perak is now in such a state that just when you think you know what’s going on, the next minute you’re not quite so sure. And emotions are definitely running wild.

Take for example THIS:

“In the old days, what did we do to those who committed treason?” Khairy [Jamaluddin] asked the crowd at the Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil field here.

The crowd replied “kill him!” as they waved banners with the words “Nizar Penderhaka Melayu Moden (Nizar is the modern day Malay traitor)” but Khairy instead said that “we only ask that they be banished,” referring to Nizar and other PR leaders who have supported his decision.

This is nothing short of fanning the fire. I think this is what is referred to as mengapi-apikan perasaan. The end result wouldn’t be nice. And politicians, or anyone of influence, would be well-advised to stop egging the people on, like what Khairy has been seen doing. It can’t be good for ANYONE.

It is in this state of uncertainty and swirl of anger that a next by-election will be carried out.

I hope Barisan Nasional will refrain from banging on the derhaka issue. And I hope Pakatan Rakyat will control their supporters from pelting more stones at cars of royalty/dignitaries/anyone.

Let’s at least TRY to keep it clean.

PAS wins KT

From Malaysiakini:

9.10pm: According EC official tally: PAS (32,393 votes), BN (29,969), Independent (191) with two more boxes to be tallied.

(2,424 majority)

From Malaysian Insider:

9.05pm: After 141 of 144 boxes counted, BN 29,862 votes, Pas 32,225, Ind 190. Majority 2,363.

From The StarOnline:

Result after votes from 140 of the 143 streams have been tallied:

* Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh (BN) – 29,530 votes;

* Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut (PAS) – 31,912 votes;

* Independent candidate Azharuddin Mamat – 190 votes.

(Majority 2,382)

From Anil Netto:

2105: Pas leads by 2,424 in the official tally, with two boxes left. It’s impossible for the BN to catch up.

From Haris Ibrahim:

9.08pm Update

The team at the PAS IT centre has reported that the tallying process has stopped as PAS has declared victory based on unofficial reports that PAS has won by a majority of 2,616.

The numbers on the various sources don’t really tally. Probably the numbers were taken at different points during the count, as it is still on-going. But generally, it appears that PAS has won the KT seat!

Great news for me!

Good night people.

Kuala Terengganu votes

Today is the day that Kuala Terengganu voters will be going out to cast their vote for the second time within the time-frame of one year.

During the last elections, the Barisan candidate won by a slim majority of 600+. I say slim, considering that the total number of registered voters amount to more than 80,ooo. That makes out to only a 0.7% majority. Stats can be found HERE.

I don’t do political analysis very well, and not being there only adds to my incompetency of writing much about what I think it’s going to turn out like.

Simply said, I have no idea what the results tonight will turn out to be like.

Is the so-called “Chinese swing” as important as some make it out to be? Will the so-called “Malay votes” be split 50-50?

I’ll be waiting up tonight to catch the final results before ending my day. And though I have no idea what the general vibe is like all the way back in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, I’m hoping to see PAS win the seat this time, and with a higher majority than just 0.7%.

And henceforth Malaysia will become the best country in the world!

I mean, how could we not? With PAS Youth going to extreme ends to ensure that our younger generation don’t get their poor minds polluted by unhealthy culture, we’re well on our way to become the most respected country in the Muslim world. No, scratch that. We’re probably going to form the most civilised country in the entire world!

The last time when the singer/dancer from Indonesia wanted to come to Malaysia to perform her gyrating moves to entice Malaysians and cause stress to national security, it was all thanks to this PAS Youth group that we were spared from any harm done unto us. Thanks to their protests, Inul’s concerts, both in JB and KL were cancelled. Nevermind that the organisers of the concerts had to suffer from major setbacks and losses, it was their fault for wanting to taint our minds anyway.

And now, Avril Lavigne wants to come and perform in Malaysia. What atrocity! Thank goodness the same PAS Youth group are at it again. As they said, Avril’s concert is going to be a great insult to our freedom fighters. Especially more so since Avril wants to perform on the 29th of August! During our Merdeka month! And just two days before Hari Merdeka too! Heaven forbid!

Since it’s Bulan Merdeka, we should all limit ourselves to listen ONLY to patriotic songs. Attend ONLY patriotic concerts and events that gear towards nation building. And make sure you don’t listen to Avril Lavigne. I mean, she’s all about punk and rock and pop anyway. That’s not healthy for Malaysian culture! It can’t be healthy. Because PAS Youth says so. They know best, after all. They saved us from having our national security threatened by stopping the Inul concerts.

Yes, I think we’re well on our way to becoming the best country in the world. Because as far as I know, there aren’t that many countries in the world that ban concerts by the likes of Inul and Avril citing reasons such as unhealthy and uncivilised culture, and national security. The countries that allow concerts like these, taking our nearest neighbours such as Indonesia and SIngapore as examples, are destined to slow decay. We will soon rise high above them, and other such countries along the way.

And when we reach the heights of success, let’s not forget to thank PAS Youth for it. After all, they are the ones responsible over our protection against the wild, uncivilised culture of good entertainment.


Now, where does that leave PKR? With Gerakan, maybe?

This is just ridiculous. Just because PAS and UMNO were having dialogues, doesn’t mean that the other parties should be having dialogues with other parties as well. And most definitely not with another party potentially based on the same race. MCA with DAP? MIC with Hindraf?


KUALA LUMPUR: The MIC says that it has been wooing the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) in secret discussions but the group has rejected this claim outright.

From the StarOnline HERE.

And I thought Samy Vellu called Hindraf a group of terrorists in the first place.

TAPAH: There will not be talks between MCA and DAP just because Umno and PAS have started a dialogue, said MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan.

StarOnline HERE.

This sounds about right. Just because UMNO and PAS are doing it, doesn’t mean they have to do it too. It’s not a monkey see monkey do business here. We don’t want that.

My stand on all this is simple. If you want to have talks, be sure that it is for the benefit of ALL the people of Malaysia. For UMNO, it is for them to initiate talks and dialogues with their partners under the BN umbrella. Same goes to PAS.

Don’t go talking about Malay unity and Islam unity, when the real problem is not so much Malay unity, but unity between the different people. If there are any problems at all, it’s because the Malays don’t get the Chinese, the Indians feel left out, the Ibans and Kadazans have all sorts of misunderstandings about people from the Peninsula, etc.

These issues don’t get solved by talking about Malay unity.

Same goes to Samy Vellu and his smart idea of wanting to “woo” Hindraf. What sort of solution does he expect by wooing Hindraf to join them?

In a Malaysia where diversity is so obvious, everything is a give and take. There’s simply no point in the Malays “joining hands” to protect their status and privilege, and the non-Malays then joining their hands to fight for equal rights. Simply no point at all.

If anything, and if they simply HAVE to have dialogues with a party from the opposite end, then please, let PAS talk to MCA, MIC to PKR, and UMNO with DAP.

Or something like that. Although I maintain that it would be better for BN parties to sit together and have a thorough discussion, no holds barred, everything out in the open. And the PR parties to do the same.

There simply can be no moving forward from this hole we’re stuck in, if we keep our sights set on the unity of our own race.