A couple of issues

But first, a little housekeeping.

I’d like to say here, that I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve received comments that welcome me back. Though I’ve valued the comments and discussions from my past posts, I wouldn’t have expected that after 3 months of absence, my little voice would still be heard amidst the many MANY blogs out there. So thanks, really, for giving me a welcome back.


I’ve been away from blogging for 3 months. And when I say “blogging”, I mean even away from reading most blogs. I kept my sources of information to mainly the online news portals.

The main reason why I stopped to take a break back in February, other than my other priorities, was because I was starting to feel obliged to write/think in a certain way. And it’s not a good feeling. I wanted to give myself some time to gather my thoughts and search within myself, what it is that I really care about.

My posts have been mostly pro-Pakatan Rakyat. There can be no denying it. But I don’t want to become a blind supporter of PR. Nor do I want to be someone who criticises BN simply because it’s BN.

With that said, I’m hoping that with this (rather new) start to (re)blogging, there can be more open discussions and debates over issues and matters that are of importance to us as Malaysians, regardless of the political stance we each would have.


Coming back to the couple of issues I have in mind.

One of it would be the recent releases of two batches of 13 ex-ISA detainees. So in total, since Najib took over the helm, we’ve seen 26 ISA detainees being released.

My view has always been that detention without trial is wrong. And this stance hasn’t quite changed since. So while I’m glad to hear that the 26 ISA detainees have been released, I still think that arbitrary arrests and releases do not bode well.

I still have no idea if the ex-ISA detainees were ever really guilty of what they were in Kamunting for, and nor do I know if they’ve truly been proven that they’re innocent.

And what about the others who are still under the ISA, some for more than 7 years?


The other issue, is about the alleged Penan rape cases.

The investigations were carried out last year, and the report of the result of the investigations was to have reached the Ministry by December. I sent an email to them at that time, asking about what the results were, if the accusations bore any truth, and what steps the Ministry would take. I requested that they made a press statement once they reached a conclusion.

They replied telling me that they would discuss the matter in Cabinet before making any public announcement.

My question here is, has there been any news about this?

As far as I know, I haven’t heard a thing.


5 Comments on “A couple of issues”

  1. anakpakross says:

    I am glad that you made the statement of keeping independent and neutral. As I’ve always said, there are already too many on both sides now that are more than willing to go and battle to the last drop. You see so many characters that have funny ways of telling you what is right or wrong by ‘shouting’ in your ears. The attitude of ‘I’m always right’ and ‘I know everything’ without any respect of history and people is just not our way. Both sides have right and wrongs, and if we are independent, we should be able to keep a level head and not be influenced and be unjust when it matters most.

  2. azer mantessa says:

    wah … back blogging šŸ™‚

    so you think while you are gone, these pair of old eyes are not set on you ka? hahaha *just kidding*

    am not so good in politics and stuffs BUT i notice both sides BN and PR are themselves devils. BN is the devil i know (should i list why, it’s quite lengthy) and PR is the devil i’m yet to know. In short, PR is The Unknown Devil.

    Since the only interesting location on any map is Terra Incognita – Territory Unknown, I prefer PR.

    Living in selangor, they are doing superb compared to UMNO/BN …
    a) lower water tarriff
    b) improving roads
    c) better services (7 years under UMNO/BN) my house renovation was never approved BUT once PR took over … took them only 2 weeks to give the approval.
    d) business-wise … i am surprised that all i have to do is submit certain business documents and fees … and in less than 24 hours … everything is clear without ‘extra-cost’ unlike … well … never mind.

    I personally dun agree with Anwar’s September 16 thing. I thot that was a devillish intention.

    Regarding ISA … it was meant to curb the communist threat and since communism is not relevant, ISA shud be abolished. Besides, we have other laws that can be used to secure the nation which is not about sending people directly to jail without trial.

    Regarding the Penan incident, nope … haven’t heard the anything new myself.

  3. melayu boleh says:

    ermmm… i just read your blog.. nice info and good tips..

  4. Paul Warren says:

    So what do we make out of Mas Selamat being held under ISA? He could just be arrested and extradited Singapore to be held under their ISA equivalent. But why ISA? Why no protest over him being held under ISA by all of us? How do we know really that he was planning everything that he is alleged to have? After all he has not been proven to have hurt a fly. Everything alleged of him so far appear only to be his ambitions!!

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